Hey there, thanks for stopping by. We are the Duffields; Joel and Amy-Lynn, parents to those lovely kids up there –  Annaliese age 7, Violet age 6, Joshua and Hannah age 3, Sam and Ben age 2 – yes we have two sets of twins! Currently our kids are all under the age of seven. Joel is a Network and Server Administrator (um tech geek?), and I work at home caring for our family. We live in a small 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home located in Muskoka, Ontario.

The main reason I (A-L) wanted to continue a blog is to have a recording of our life as it unfolds. One day we can look back and say “yes we did it, and hey I forgot about that!” This season of our life is so busy, full of great moments and some hardships we were not expecting. That is our main reason for sharing with you, we hope that by sharing our daily we can serve as an encouragement to others. Whether it is a day in the life, favourite recipe, a product we love and use. Lessons we have learned, organizing tips for small spaces, home projects we have on the go. A little bit of everything and anything that is happening at the Duffield’s home!

We also record vlog style videos that we share on our YouTube channel Duff Filled Days. I take pictures most days of whatever we are up to and post those to Instagram. This is fun for us, and honestly that is what life is about finding joy and happiness on the road we are walking!

We hope you stay around and join in our life!
Joel and Amy-Lynn