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Grandma’s 80th Birthday

July 6, 2013

It is Grandma’s birthday, she is 80 years old today! Happy Birthday Grandma, we love you! I came up with an idea for her birthday which was to cut out 80 hearts and write a simple thing we loved or reason we loved her. Some are silly, some are specific, some are just because! I am putting them in an envelope and giving them to her to read over, hopefully she enjoys it, and gets a giggle out of a few!

80 Reasons/Things We Love About Grandma

(no order, just how I pulled them out)

1. Pearly Tea

2. Your empathy with others

3. Sticking shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, body wash, toothbrushes, and lotion in our gifts

4. Worrying so we don’t have to

5. Coming to help whenever I need you, making me a priority

6. Chewy Ginger cookies

7. That you get up first so there is someone to wake up to

8. Teaching me in Sunday school – Annaliese

9. Always making time for bedtime stories

10. Your beautiful artwork

11. Making us good healthy lunches for school

12. Cutting up cucumbers – Vi

13. Making our birthdays special.

14. Making Jesus a priority

15. Taking us to the beach everyday in the summer

16. Teaching me Kindergarten

17. Buying a pull-out couch for me to sleep on – Joel

18. Your generosity

19. Having sleepovers – Annaliese and Violet

20. Party Tuna Buns

21. Remembering our favourite things

22. Raising Jonathon and I – wanting to out of love

23. For being an awesome Grandma

24. Making a house for my Teddy

25. Always willing to cuddle, no age limits

26. Getting cool magazines at Christmas – Joel

27. Random food left in our fridge

28. Your BIG hugs

29. For picking Poppa

30. Your servant heart

31. Loving my babies – Amy-Lynn

32. Letting me hold your hand when I slept beside your bed

33. Calling us for dinner 20 minutes early

34. Labeling my underwear – Joel

35. That you give kisses to me even though I rub them off! – Annaliese

36. Dad’s cookies

37. Holding my finger in ice water all night long

38. Keeping the house well stocked

39. Correcting our grammar, so we can function in society

40. Your faithfulness

41. Your patience

42. Your cold iced tea and lemonade

43. Keeping my cats, mice, bunnies, dog…

44. Your gentleness and love

45. Never giving up on us, always loving us no matter what

46. Getting your point across in notes

47. Your chicken noodle soup

48. Grandparent’s Day (that was all about us)

49. Coming to our dance recitals – Amy and Annaliese

50. Never picking favourites

51. Your yummy stew

52. Making me name all my stuffed animals

53. Always thinking of others

54. Long walks in the summer, showing us God’s beauty in creation

55. Letting us live with you for two years after we moved out – Joel and Amy-Lynn

56. Teaching me how to cook, bake, and add love to food

57. Your sense of humour

58. Making your home warm and inviting

59. Your prayers for us

60. Your unconditional love

61. Looking after my girls while I was on bed rest

62. That you have to think about which kids are adopted

63. Making yummy snacks; apples with cinnamon

64. Your hard work and dedication to your family

65. Teaching us right from wrong by example

66. Your kindness

67. Little gardens of rescued plants

68. Bringing found sweet berries to me when walking up the driveway

69. Your Irish soda bread

70. Printing large letter stories for me when I was learning

71. Always willing to add 1 or 20 more to the table

72. For being a great example of how to be a good mom

73. Sharing with others whatever you have

74. For always being happy to see us

75. Making enough for 2nd’s 3rd’s and taking home

76. When you took care of me at your house when I was a baby – A&A

77. Snuggles – Joshua and Hannah

78. Posie Stories

79. Getting the pepper out of my eye

80 Sharing your memories with us!

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  1. This is such a lovely idea and intend to use it for my Granny. This weekend she turns 80. Thank you for the inspiration. xo

    1. Happy Birthday Granny! This was a treasured gift, she had such fun reading through and remembering all the little things. It is funny how the little memories become the most meaningful.

      Hope you have a great time celebrating her this weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

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