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A New Year, A New Blog?!?!?!?!?!?!

January 6, 2016

I often feel alone as a mom, not really lonely but definitely alone on the journey… how do I balance this all?

How do I be a mom in the daily, yet have a voice out into the world so I still feel fulfilled as a person? Essentially I want to be successful and whole. I am a mom, a wife, a person living a life. I am striving to do well in the role I have been called to, but often lose my way during the boring everyday, or various ups and downs we all go through. How do I not miss the season I am in and survive all the craziness that goes along with caring for six kids? How do we keep a marriage together, raise a family, and grow in our walk?

I am thinking of changing the blog, I have gone in a million and one directions depending on my mood or interests. But I am feeling now after a year of being away that I want to capture this time entering my thirties, and how I handle my life being a mom to six. I am not always on top of everything, or have a plan for every situation, I am constantly learning or adapting new ways to survive. We have a vlog on YouTube I plan to keep (the goal is for one video a week ‘Duff Filled Weekend’), a family Instagram account to keep photo updates of our kids/general life, and now this once forgotten but newly refreshed outlet. This is a space to possibly share recipes, life lessons, moments from my view, product favourites, or maybe a mom journal! A true life mix until I find my groove again. 

I am thinking out loud. Hoping that as I adjust the blog by taking down some old posts then shaping it into something new, I will find a voice and safe space to express myself beyond being ‘just a mom’. 


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  1. Until you find your voice and your vision, just keep on and write write write! I look forward to following along. On those days when I feel I can’t do it all, I’ll enjoy coming here for inspiration that it can be done — with six beautiful souls, no less. ❤️

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