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Duffield’s Week In Review | January 1 – 7, 2016

January 9, 2016

This week was spent finishing up our holiday, trying to get back into normal school routine, and ended in celebrating a sweet little lady’s 5th birthday! The beginning of January for us marks the official end of Christmas festivities and in my view back to real life. We had a good holiday over Christmas and New Year’s, thankful Joel was able to spend some much needed time home with us. We used that last week off together as dedicated Duffield recovery time, December was such a busy month for us. Staying in pi’s until late, catching up on the forgotten to-do lists, playing our Nintendo wii, watching Star Wars (gasp, yes even I did), baking, and visiting extended family. This set the year off to a motivated start for me, I was able to jump into the groove of keeping up with chores, and life in 2016.

This past week also marked a very important birthday in the house! Our sweet little Vi turned FIVE years old!!!! Wow where does the time go? It feels like yesterday we were moving into our home, and welcoming our second daughter into the world. It is an awesome way to enter the New Year celebrating her life and new beginnings. She asked for a family dinner together with her grandparents on the 7th (her official birthday). We put up decorations, invited the grandparents, had a simple dinner – ‘make your own salad’, complete with a few of her favourite treats, and a princess themed DQ ice-cream cake! Happy Birthday Violet, we love you so much!


I would love to hear about your first week of 2016. Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? Helpful hints to start the year off well, or significant birthdays/events in the coming year? If you want to share we want to hear, comment below!


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