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Violet’s 5th Birthday Party

January 10, 2016

This past Saturday Violet had her first ‘friend’ birthday party. She was extremely excited to invite a few girls from her J/K class. It actually turned out well, she really had a great time celebrating her birthday with friends, such a big moment! I wanted to share here how we put together a party in our small house, we have thrown a few for Annaliese and each time I learn something new. 

I sat down with Violet shortly after Christmas and narrowed down the theme, okay not really, she has been asking for Disney’s Sophia The First for months. Then we picked out the games she wanted to play, and the decoration ideas she had in mind. I like to plan with the girls so they feel apart of the party process, and not miss little details they might have in mind.

To keep it simple I ordered almost everything from one place. The decorations we needed, loot bags, cupcake wrappers, etc. The part I find tricky is picking the date far in advance to make sure it arrives in time. I had one box of decorations come the Monday after the party, it was frustrating and disappointing. Perhaps though, this issue might just be a scatterbrained me thing?

Simple ‘ish’ is the name of my game for most things in our life, parties are no exception. I have suffered the consequence of biting more than I can chew more times than I will admit. I now know most Pinterest ideas I am personally not going to pull off, especially with this many small children underfoot. Ordering pre-done party decorations from one online store, makes me a happy Momma! Also don’t be fooled into spending small fortunes on decorations, to a five year old princess the plastic table cloth, and paper napkin with a Disney character will be enough wow factor! Plus when I spend more I want to save it, and really extra things to store isn’t going to work in this small house. One use, throw out after, be done – Amy-Lynn’s Pinterest idea for this post!

When preparing I take everything unnecessary to the party out of the main space of our home. This step usually involves Joel making 70 trips up and down the stairs! We clear the front hall of coats, bags, and shoes. The coat hooks, and boot trays are left empty, so it is easy to see what each child came with, and hopefully means nothing will be forgotten upon departure. In the dinning room I push the tables against the walls, making room for the kids to move around and play. Cleared open space makes the decorating process smoother as well.

We try to keep snacks to easy prep, with a balance of healthy and fun treats. Favourites for each girl will most likely be a win for the guests as well. Crackers, popcorn, plain chips, fresh veggies and fruit, jello, and fruit juice are all hits with my kiddos. I use a boxed cake mix for quick cupcakes, then either a simple icing recipe or container of pre-made. I find with younger children they only want to lick the icing off the top, so no real point to spending hours baking. Serving is where I add in fun for me by using my vintage pyrex, cute trays, or little fancy bowls. I will slip in fine china dishes for cupcakes, and antique mason jars to hold straws or utensils. It makes me smile even if the kids don’t notice, and so far it has fit in with the girly themes.

As far as the party goes itself, I hand the hosting role over to Joel. I have great ideas for prepping, and decorating but I prefer to be behind the scenes setting up the next event, or filling juice cups. Of course I am there watching the kids and having fun, but I also love watching him and the way he interacts leading the group of excited kids!

I think if you asked her the party was a great success!

I would love to hear about how you throw parties for your kids, or things you do to make it simple or easy. If you would like to share we would love it.


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