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Sam and Ben | First Year – Mini Series | Last OB Appointment

January 13, 2016

As time comes barreling towards Sam and Ben’s first birthday, I thought I would share a mini series on a few of their life events. This first post is about the conditions that led us to be hospitalized prior to their birth. I will write more this week including their birth story, Sam’s hospital stay, and whatever else inspires me. They are such precious little guys, I am excited to have these memories recorded.

This was my toast on a large sized dinner plate! (Sorry, blurry because I posted directly to fb)
This was my toast on a large sized dinner plate! (Sorry, blurry because I posted directly to fb)

On our last scheduled OB appointment in early January 2015, our doctor decided it would be a good idea to check the positions of both babies and see if I could attempt a planned vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean). The plan to attempt a birth vaginally after having Josh and Hannah via c-section, had been my hope since the beginning of my pregnancy. A plan I knew had a slim chance of being fulfilled, due to the risk factors of a twin pregnancy, and well my Momma ‘gut’ feeling. 

I worked through some very strong emotions (maybe even a slight depressive state) regarding how my first twin pregnancy and birth played out. By now though, I had come to a place where I was filled with peace about what was to come, and intentionally chose to be happy no matter what. This was our birth, and we were going to rock it! I had almost a full six weeks at home longer than I did with Josh and Hannah’s pregnancy, that on it’s own was something to be joyful about.

A month earlier (December 2014), I was sitting in very uncomfortable theater chair watching the girl’s dance recital. I felt Sam struggle around, kick hard, and twist himself up out of my pelvis. I knew the little monkey was trying to find a comfy spot where he could stretch out, but also knew he would not easily get back head down, especially with his bigger brother Ben pushing down. I was not hopeful the ultrasound would show baby A was ‘head down’ (optimal position for birth, and a must for my OB to agree to attempt the vbac plan), but we went over just the same.

At L&D we were greeted by Rachel, a nurse I had quite a few times during my last stay. She took us into the triage room and hooked me up for a NST, this brought back so many memories of my pregnancy with Josh and Hannah. It is such a fun experience to search for two babies on that machine, and see two sets of heart beats recording. While I was laying back in triage so many other nurses popped their heads in for a quick hello, or “twins again” comment. We stayed there until the ultrasound test, drinking water with perfectly crushed ice!

NST Test (Taken again on my phone)
NST Test (Taken again on my phone)

This was an extremely long day we had traveled an hour and a half in winter road conditions, waited for the doctor appointment at his clinic. Then over to L&D for an NST,  and more waiting for an ultrasound. Finally we were called down and I went in for the test. After, the technician asked me to wait in the waiting room while she called our doctor, this actually worried me. Questions started to swirl around in my mind. Had I felt both babies today? Did I remember hearing two heart beats? Were they different? While Joel watched the news on the TV overhead, my heart raced with what ifs. Eventually, the technician came back to tell us to go back up to L&D, and that our doctor would meet us there.

We went directly back into triage where Dr WIll informed us the ultrasound showed baby A was laying sideways, and that the umbilical cord was laying across my cervix. This could potentially be an extremely dangerous/emergency situation if I went into labour, or my water broke spontaneously. He wanted to book me in for bed rest that night.

I wasn’t thrilled with that idea, I was tired, uncomfortable, wearing real ish pants, and snow boots. I hadn’t packed or prepared to be hospitalized, I really wanted to go home to spend a few more days with our kids, and ultimately sleep soundly in my own bed. I was not feeling contractions and the NST test was perfect, so I asked for a few more days at home. He was willing to check and see if I was dilated, and since I was not he gave us the option to go home. He and Rachel stepped out of the room giving Joel and I privacy to discuss what we thought best. We both agreed that we would go home that day, and I would officially be on our version of ‘ home’ bed rest. Then we could prepare our family and come back a few days later to check in for the official stay!

Snowy Ride Home (taken on my phone)
Snowy Ride Home (taken on my phone)

Joel and I headed home, I went into a crazy hyper focused planning/nesting mode. I spent the next four days writing lists and planning out what to pack for everyone. I knew the next trip down I would be at the hospital until these babies made their appearance, and I wanted everything to be perfect!

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