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January 22, 2016

This morning before Joel and I started the day, we lay in bed discussing an argument we had last night. Ultimately we were trying to pinpoint the reason why we keep falling into the same negative patterns in our relationship. During our talk an older post came to mind, something I have not given much thought to over the past few years. In 2010, I had written a Personal Mission Statement and posted it to our blog. At the time I was feeling burned out as a mom, in strong need for direction and purpose. The mission statement gave me power and a sense of purpose in my daily job as a stay at home mom/wife.

Right now we are both burned out, lacking direction and purpose in our marriage. We are here, showing up everyday, and working extremely hard as parents. Yet over and over again we stumble on the same hard issues, feeling lonely, and building resentment. We are competing with one another, we lack respect for one another, and more often than not put our own desires first. When someone is winning in the relationship, the other is losing. A marriage where two people are striving to be one, the habit of competition has become destructive.

2016 is a huge year for us, in June we will be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary. January seemed like a perfect time to pull the older post up, and review the statement I made six years ago. How do I feel as a mother to six, wife of ten years, and woman entering into a new decade? I would love to write a new Personal Mission Statement that better reflects the person I am today, and the dreams I hold for my family in 2016.

April 21st, 2010 | Personal Mission Statement

“I want to be a creative, imaginative, fun mom. A mom who comes up with awesome things to do everyday, creating traditions and memory in ordinary life. I want my child to remember the fun in everyday life, and look back on her childhood as a blissful memory full of love, laughter, family, and togetherness… To know that we never missed a moment, and created a strong bond that will last our entire lives. That a three hour mess to clean up was worth the five minute project. That ice-cream is definitely a meal, and that pizza is a food group. I want everything I do to display how awesome God is to my daughter, and that she will grow with a love and passion for Him. Family is number one (dog included), we love each other and will always remain a strong tight-knit unit. YaY us.”

January 21st, 2016 | Personal Mission Statement  

I want to be a fun mom who smiles more often, laughs more often, and is intentional with my time. I want to spend time with each child everyday. For each one of my children to know without a doubt how loved, and wanted they are – that they find stability in our home.
I want my spouse to know how much of a priority he is in my life. For him to feel wanted and needed by me everyday. I want to argue less, forgive more, admit my wrong, and grower deeper in our relationship. To build real trust, and embrace this stage excited for what is ahead.
I want to be on top of laundry, dishes, finances, and clutter. Waste less time struggling to find things, worry less over the budget, and be prepared to meet each day with a purpose.
I want to serve my King in our home, setting an example for our children so they know what a heart seeking God looks like.
I want to be in the word everyday, to study and grow deeper in my relationship with God. I also want to stretch serving others beyond my family with a pure heart filled with Christ’s love. 
I want to take care of myself; my health, my mind, my spirit. To find balance, set boundaries, and work daily on healthy habits.

I may tweak this statement as time goes on, if I think of new things I want to add or take away. I am not one hundred percent sure this qualifies as a ‘Mission Statement’ on an official business scale. For me these seem like some great goals, ones that rely on trust in God and working together with Joel to accomplish. I am excited and feel purpose to fulfill it.

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  1. I love this idea of a personal mission statement. Especially when you can look back and track personal growth or areas that still need to be focused on. Goal setting is something I neglect to do. I also like the idea of vision boards. I feel like this year has a great deal of potential but of I don’t properly goal set and remain mindful of those goals I’ll miss out on possibilities.

    1. I find it easier to let things go, or bring things into my life when I can weigh their involvement towards my ‘mission’. I need to find a way though to remember these goals I set in my everyday. Vision boards sound like a great way to map out dreams, and goals for the upcoming year. I may look into that, maybe I can dedicate a page in the back of my planner to my vision!

      Thanks for sharing.

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