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Duffield’s Week In Review | January 15th – 21th, 2016

January 23, 2016

Another week of 2016 has gone by, this one filled with even more birthdays – I am picking up on a theme for January! What a wonderful way to enter the year celebrating the important people in our lives and the chance to experience a new year.

Friday was my brother’s 27th birthday. The girls were so excited to wish him a happy birthday, but instead of celebrating that day we waited until Sunday afternoon. Friday evening brought a large amount of snow, which was exciting to wake up to on Saturday morning, although quite an amount of work for Joel to shovel. Violet went to dance class, and Annaliese went to a friend’s house to celebrate another birthday!

Sunday marked our family’s first church attendance of this new year. Between colds/flu, or cold weather we have been not making church the priority it should be. Thankful we made the effort, and were encouraged to keep up with the routine (even in the snowy cold).

Later that day we went down to Grandma and Poppa’s house for a meal and celebrate Uncle Jon, Sam and Ben’s birthday all in one go. We had some fun sledding down the hills, playing in the snow, and visiting Halle (our golden retriever). Grandma was excited to share an old family favourite “African Dinner” with our children for the first time. We had brought a cake, and had a good night visiting together.

As much as I don’t want to believe, this past Tuesday Sam and Ben turned one. My babies are growing so fast and time does not seem care how fast it is flying by. I reflected through various posts in a Sam and Ben Mini-Series about the time leading up to their birth. I was thankful to get those thoughts down, and remember what a precious time it was for our growing family.

The girls had a fun week at school, with various snow-filled outdoor activities. Annaliese attended a play in Gravenhurst with her class, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. She said it was absolutely, wonderful! Annaliese really enjoys live theatre, performing, and expressing herself on stage for others to enjoy too. Violet’s class went snowshoeing again, and Violet sent home a little video (well her teacher sent home) wishing Sam and Ben a Happy Birthday! It was so fun to get that little surprise from her.

Joshua, Hannah, Sam, Ben, and I started back into our routine of TLC on Thursday mornings. They appreciate the change of pace as much as I do. For me it is a time to fill up in a group Bible study, and be refreshed in my journey as a wife/mom. My Grandma helps in the nursery with a few other women that we love, and the kids are always excited to go. I am looking forward to a study by James MacDonald, Gripped By The Greatness of God. I have been missing Bible study time in my everyday, and I am happy to have the discipline and accountability the group brings. Our life tends to run more smoothly when I am actively seeking God, and studying His Word.

We hope you had a good week as well, we would love to hear about it – if you would like to share! We have a few new vlogs videos from this past week, including a daily taken on Sam and Ben’s birthday I will share below.

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