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Duffield Week In Review | January 22nd – 28th, 2016

January 29, 2016

Another week gone by, wow they are flying by, January is almost over. Crazy business. As I go through our week I am realizing they are pretty full so no wonder they are zipping by.

Last weekend we invested in a new camera, and hopefully you have been able to notice the difference in our videos. We are thankful to have a clearer view and a bit better sound quality. It is far from perfect or professional, but for catching our everyday at the moment it works for us! We missed church on Sunday, I wrote a bit of a journal post as to why but that day ended great with snuggling in to watch one of the original Star Wars movies. It reminded me that at times we need to be selfish and protect the time together we have as a family.

Monday Vi woke up with a fever, so we kept her home. Although she was skipping around acting fine, so we were not sure, she loves school so much that missing a day is a punishment. Tuesday’s schedule included a snowshoeing class activity so we wanted her fresh and feeling well. Sammer also hit a new milestone and started to stand! This was one of those – buddy slow down moments, I am not sure if I am ready for my babies to be toddlers yet. He is a cutie and hasn’t quite got the sitting part down to standing, so when you hear him whining you know “Sam stood up and can’t sit down!” Hilarious part of babyhood.

Joel booked both Tuesday and Wednesday off from work as holiday time, it is so nice to be in a fresh year and have some days available to us to use again. He had planned to volunteer time with both Annaliese and Violet’s classes. Tuesday it rained which was disappointing all around as the snowshoeing was cancelled and so volunteers were not needed. But instead he took Josh and Hanny out for a morning with him grocery shopping. They had fun in their baseball caps, and enjoyed the trip out – they don’t often spend one on one time with Daddy, so it was a special treat. Wednesday ended up being a perfect weather day so Joel was able to join Annaliese and try cross-country skiing. It was fun to watch some video and get a chance to see Annaliese enjoying the activities with her class, also Joel fell which was a great laugh.

Thursday Josh, Hanny, Sam, Ben and I went to TLC. Always a good morning when we can make it, our kids really love that time with other kids, and I like to fill up in a study time with other women. Thankful we have that available to us, it makes a positive difference in our family.

We hope you had a good week as well! You can catch our Wednesday video/vlog below where we shared Joel and Annaliese’s skiing adventure.

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