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January 29, 2016

I was encouraged to open up another side to our YouTube channel this week, which I am hoping will make for a smoother transition between the day vlogging and our blog. Our main goal with the idea as a whole is yes to share and hopefully be an encouragement to others, but we also want to have a place for us where this part of our life has been accurately captured. Everyone claims it goes by in a blink, well we want to try and slow that down, or at least have a chance to go back and watch this craziness!

So I want to know what you want to see from us, whether that is a few sit down videos from me about how we do this or that activity. How I prep a meal, or plan for the week (which my meal planning friends will laugh at, because they know me well), how I organize our small space. I would love to do little videos or talk about it. I am a mix between over plan, and fly by the seat of my pants. But somehow we manage to make it work, although the weeks fly by faster than we can ever hope to keep up with.

I truly hope to be able to keep it honest or real to our life. I mean we are not perfect, just an average family of eight! Ha I bet that is true somewhere, but around us and the village of people we have surrounded ourselves with we are definitely a large family. That may be another reason for us to open up our home and life – connecting with other families on a broader scope to learn from and share with.

So please leave us a comment tell us what you want to read about, or know. Ask us questions and give me some ideas of direction to go in the future. We would love to hear from you, and would love to share ways we have found helpful and useful to our family’s survival!

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  1. Hello Amy , like the rest of the people out there … I really enjoy watching your videos of the family ! But as I’ve mentioned before to you , I don’t know how you two stay sane and do all that you do !! My husband and I are wondering is how you plan all your meals ??? It must cost you a furtune for groceries … And you don’t work . So again I’m always wondering how you two do it .

    1. Thanks Catherine! That is a great question or theme of questions to chat about! We often wonder that exact same thing ourselves. I will try to go into how we manage with a video in the very near future.

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