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Duffield Family Favourites | January 2016

February 4, 2016


As the month of February starts I thought it might be a great time to go back and share our/my favourite things or products that stood out over the month of January. These might be everyday items I use over and over again, new products I am loving, or fun splurges that became an instant favourite. Basically whatever I am loving and using I am going to chat about and share with you.

Household Favourites

1. Method Dish Soap and Hand Soap

This is an everyday item we use and repurchase over and over. I have tried other ‘natural’ based dish soaps and this one creates the best suds and cuts grease almost as well as the chemical filled ones. I like that it is mostly plant based and biodegradable, a big thought when living on town water is how is our use effecting others. So making this conscious effort for me is a must. I like the ginger and clementine scents for the dish soap.
The hand soap is a long time favourite, I love the foaming pump bottle and the kids also find it fun and easy to use. The green tea scent is my top pick, we switched back to the old stand by after having a limited edition holiday scented soap for December! Little things people, little things.

2. Home Hardware Microfiber Kitchen Sponges

I love these dish scrubbies, they are the perfect size, gentle yet effective for getting stuck on foods off dishes. I wash all our plastic containers/kid cups in the sink and I find these sponges get into all the corners to get the job done. The stand up well, don’t fall apart with use, rinse well and do not hold an odor. Joel bought me a pack last year as a sweet “thinking about you” gift, I had watched an ad on television and wanted to try them. I have not bought another brand since, they are truly a great product.

3. Nest 3 Wick Candle – Holiday Scent

I follow Pretty Neat Living on Instagram, I love Jen. So when she posted a picture of the candle they were enjoying throughout the holiday season I had to look it up. It was expensive (of course) so I did not indulge, tucking it away as a one day dream. I was then kindly gifted cash as a Christmas present and thought why not? I splurged and since then we have been enjoying this candle for the month of January. It definitely screams Christmas with the strong pine scent, but it is lovely, and throws well throughout our whole house. One thing I appreciate about this candle is the lack of vanilla scent. I tend to find many holiday/winter scents have a fake vanilla added, since it gives me a headache instantly, it is nice to find a candle I can actually enjoy. I am so happy I indulged and I plan to buy another next fall closer to December to have for over the holidays 2016.

Amy-Lynn’s Personal Favourites

4. Erin Condern Life Planner

I use my Life Planner everyday. I actually really want to purchase a new one for 2016, but the pages I have are unused until about mid April (I purchased the one I have now last year during a sale). Getting the planner at the time made sense, I could get a feel for it and see if I liked it. I thought I may be able to make it work until July when hopefully they come out with the year and a half planners. For most planner enthusiasts this would not fly, but the way I use the EC Life Planner the dates do not 100% matter, it is more a daily to do and checklist. I fill the categories in for myself each evening, the lay out works well for me. I will definitely get a new one, but for now I will stay smart and not waste a great planner. Here’s my referral link where you can get 10$ off your first order!

5. Soap Stones Face Addiction – Clear Line and Diffuse Elixir

Awhile ago I posted a picture to Instagram in an effort to prove to myself I didn’t need to hide anymore. I wanted to be a mom who was in the picture, battling hormonal acne makes it hard for me to see beauty under the face full of blemishes. A friend saw that picture and quickly messaged me, she heads up a face line – Face Addiction at my favourite local soap/body shop – Soap Stones.

I have used Soap Stones’ Products for years, but I had not tried the Face Addiction line. To be honest the price scared me a bit, but after using it for more than a month I would in a heart beat invest in this whole line time and time again. I am still dealing with acne, which I probably will forever, but this has kept my face happy and under control. The amount of product you get in each item allows you to be generous and feel like you are truly getting your money’s worth. I love the fresh clean scent and the fact that this is a natural based product that is safe to use. No harsh chemicals, I am not getting burned, my skin is not dry. It is a fabulous line.

6. Simple Abundance: A Day Book Of Comfort and Joy

I read this book throughout the whole year, but since it starts in January I thought it would be a perfect time to add it to the list. I have forgotten many of the little tidbits stored inside this book and it is nice to be refreshed and take some time for me. The habit of waking up to it, living out the idea she shares is good for me as a mom – refilling. This book is one of my personal all time favourites, a great every day item worth a January mention.

Kid/Baby Favourites

7. Boogie Wipes

These might seem like a bit of a splurge item when we have a house full of wipes and tissues. But I am adding these to our January favourites because we have been using these daily with multiple colds hitting our house. I find once a cold hits our kids, their noses are free running taps, wiping them constantly with Kleenex or Pampers wipes causes cracked and/or chapped skin, so painful and sad. These Boogie Wipes are gentle and effective at removing snot, leaving their skin smooth. I also love that they are grape scented, it reminds me of being a young teenager with a fun scented ruler or pen! Luxury, yet so useful. Seriously a product we love.

8. Arbonne Baby Hair and Body Wash, and Baby Lotion

These products are another every day item, and ones we have strictly used on our babies for the past two years. Our neighbour is an Arbonne representative and she first introduced us to these products in the spring of 2014, we have been hooked since then. These products last a long time, and are gentle on our babies’ skin. Hannah had issues with eczema as a baby and I found after using this product her skin started to clear up. We have continued and so far her skin issues have been under control.
I find the lotion quickly soaks into their skin, not leaving an oily residue – my babies are moisturized but not slipping around, or sticky and hard to dress. I love that both these products have a neutral (ish) scent, not over powering at all. I like my babies to smell like themselves not product, and this is perfect!

If you use any (or all) of these items I would love to hear your thoughts on them, leave me a comment. If you decide to try one of them out please share with me! I would also love to know what makes your favourite list, and why you may chose an different item over the ones I have listed. Thanks for being part of our life!

Check out my video version of our Lifestyle Favourites below.

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  1. I love the boogie wipes too! My favorite holiday candle is fresh balsam from bath and Body Works. it smells so fresh and not vanilla-y. i love vanilla scents but Im kind of over my house smelling like baked goods. Im going to need an Eric Condren as well! Loved the video, super cute!

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