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Duffield Week In Review | January 29th – February 4th 2016

February 6, 2016

It is getting hard to believe how fast the weeks are flying by, which makes me happy that we are taking the time to record and keep track of all that is going down in the our family. Hopefully we are doing a fairly good job of keeping up with the vlogs and transforming the blog into something interesting and worth while. Joel has been helping me get a few of the older recipes and stuff back up and into the new style of blog, so be sure to check out our whole website as time goes on.

Last Friday night we made the decision to have the best weekend ever. The day had been pretty long with sick babies and Saturday turned out to be a sick day too. We had lots of babies with fevers, runny noses, and coughs. So we settled into taking it easy and trying to survive (as Joel often says). I tried a new thing for our YouTube Channel with a chat style video, I will attempt more in the future so watch for those, probably posting on Sundays. I don’t know if it was the best weekend ever, but we got through it and made a few memories.

On Sunday Annaliese and I went to church since everyone else was feeling better rough. She really wanted to go and I thought it was a great idea. We left the sick babies home with Joel and took an hour to fill up. When we got home Ben still was not feeling well, general yuck, coughing, and feverish. We made the decision to take him in, he and I headed over to the hospital to have him checked out. Thankfully they said to just keep an eye on him and that they didn’t see anything other than a cold at this point. Reassuring and grateful for the care that is easily available to us. Later that night Joel and I decided to take a fun picture for my Aunt’s niece and nephew wall… I can’t get that back now, but hopefully it gives them a laugh every time they pass it!

The girls were back at school on Monday, and later I went out to a friend’s house for an appetizer potluck. Tuesday morning I went out again, this time for a quick prayer meeting at another friend’s house. We gather to pray for the school our children attend and the teachers/staff. It encourages me that even though our girls go to a public school there are other Christian moms willing to join together and pray for our kids.

Wednesday was a snow day, so I had all the kids home, it was also the day I officially got the cold. I was far from feeling well, so I decided to take a personal day and do the bare minimum around here. I think we made it through the day ‘okay’ but it is pretty crazy when everyone is home unexpectedly.

Since the kids were still coughing with lots of running noses I decided we should skip Thursday morning Bible study and stay home. That ended up being awesome because I was able to get the house back under control, and get caught up on the laundry pile.  Sometimes I need to remember that, its okay to take a day ‘off’ from whatever I have planned to get our life back together. Little things like laundry dishes and mess, can quickly become big things in a large family. When the chores are back in order our life is smooth and functions well – which equals more time for fun!

Annaliese said she had fun trying out her new elective Thursday afternoon. Although the group did not go to the gymnastics club in Bracebridge, she did have fun in the school gym this week. I think it will take a bit of time for her to gain some confidence and click with a few new friends, she is the youngest and only girl from her class in this elective so she was a bit shy and unsure. I am hoping next week with the excitement of a new place she will have a blast!

I hope you had a great week as well. If you would like to share we would love to hear about it. Did you have a favourite moment from one of our vlogs this past week? We would love you to leave questions you have for our coming chat videos or whatever else you care to share, happy February guys!

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