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Boy’s Room | Before Pictures

February 13, 2016

This past week Joel received a call we were waiting on to let us know if we were okay to take the chimney out of the boy’s room. When we had people here to blow insulation into our attic space this past fall, they found that we have a layer of Vermiculite. Since that kind of insulation has a 50/50 chance of containing Asbestos, we had to have it checked before we could proceed doing any kind of work to the room. Thankfully the test came back negative, so we can continue with the demolition and have the people back to get our attic insulated! Good stuff.

Joel’s thought is if we take the chimney out now the workers will have easy access to the peak of the attic to blow the insulation through the hole. Then we can close it all in, and finish that wall giving us a bit of extra space in the boy’s bedroom! Small house – I will take any space I can get. Since we knew this was the plan last summer when we had the roof redone, we had them take the chimney top off and close it in at that time.

I thought it would be a perfect day to take a few before pictures and give you a chance to see how the room looks currently. A great reminder for us of the space before we take the chimney out, repaint the walls, and hopefully give it a new look. I wrote a dream idea post a couple of weeks ago with the direction I am thinking of going in. Currently this room is used by the boys for sleeping right now, and I use it for random storage – as you can tell from the pile under Joshua’s bed. I love this wallpaper, and the colour, but it is time for a change and to make this room theirs. I would love to see them use the space more, either for play or general down time.

Do you have any tips for us as we try to redecorate with a house full of little people? If you have helpful tips or tricks please let me know. I am a little scared to start, but very excited to see the end result. 

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