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Duffield Week In Review | February 5th – 11th 2016

February 13, 2016

Every week as I sit to to think about what happened, I instantly draw a blank – it seems so much goes on I forget the details. I am guessing I need a better way of recording down what is going on, maybe in my daily agenda or a notebook would be a simple, easy idea. As I write this we are already half way through February, craziness! I took a bit of a break from blogging, vlogging, and sharing photos this week. Sick kids, a bit of discouragement, family stress, and random mishaps that happened. Hoping the next week brings some renewed energy and focus towards our blogging efforts.

Last Friday was Joel’s Mom’s birthday, it also happened to be a PA day for the girls. I offered for them to go to dance camp for the day, since they had already spent a snow day home with me earlier that week. They were pretty excited to go to the dance academy and spend the day with Miss Kristen. The babies and I made secrets plans to travel over after dinner and surprise Ellen with cupcakes and a visit. The weather ended up being a little sketchy but we made it and she seemed happy we made the effort. 

The weekend allowed Joel and I time to record a sit down chat together, we had fun sharing in a video the stage we are at right now and how somethings work for our large family. We are excited to do more video style chats and share those in the coming weeks/months. On Sunday we all made it to church which in the winter cold and snow doesn’t always happen. It was a good encouragement and I was proud of us for making the effort. Grandma and Poppa came after and we had a good afternoon preparing for the week ahead.

Monday we were thrown for a bit of a loop as our cleaning help was sick. We managed to come out the other side and try to get the house under control ourselves, somewhat. Although this whole week has thrown us out of routine and a bit off by not having the base cleaned. Funny how much we rely on extra help to get us through, I am thankful – it is a great reminder of how important the role is in our home. So a huge thank you to Sharlene for helping us out! Whoot.

Tuesday I shared tea time with a good friend, we work together through a Bible study and it is nice to get the chance to chat it out together once a week. I haven’t been as strict with this study I am finding it really difficult to get into it. I am not sure what is up with that, but I need to kick it. Hannah and Josh also decided it would be fun to make Grandma a craft from toilet paper tubes, which I thought was great when I found them quietly colouring the tubes – ha, until I looked around and found toilet paper from one end of the house to the other. I guess we did not have empty rolls in the recycle, so the rest of the week we have been using the reclaimed unrolled stash from the basket on the back of the toilet! Oh two year olds, so much excitement.

Annaliese was home sick on Wednesday this week, then before even 830 amwe ended up in a crazy panic with bus mishaps and near accidents with Violet. The poor girl was confused that morning, upset, so to settle her Joel drove her in to school and promised to pick her up. The office failed to give notice to her teacher later that day and poor Vi ended up on the bus to come home. Oh the day was one huge mix up, in the end she was pretty excited to choose the meal and cuddle in for some extra love. Whew. Thankful for brave little girls and strong united parenting team.

Joel and I had a ‘date’ to bake cupcakes for my Thursday morning Bible Study group as I was on snack sign up this week. I was also asked to step into a role as Nursery Coordinator (I am working at a coming up with a cooler name for that role), which I agreed to to. I love this group and have been attending for seven or so years, I take four kids in each week – I think it is time for me to step up and take on a role I am a little scared to do. This year is all about stretching myself and growing in areas I am nervous to try. I don’t mean I will say yes to everything that comes my way, but more I will be open to saying yes and trusting God.

I am hoping you had a fun week. I would love to hear about yours if you would care to share! I will be back this week to Vlogging and hoping to catch a moment to take some before pictures of the Boy’s Room to share with you to continue on with that series, we got the go ahead this week to take out the chimney and give them a tiny bit more floor space. Check out our Vlog style video from Friday below!

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