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Duffield Week In Review | February 12th – 18th 2016

February 21, 2016

It definitely feels as of late I am complaining about illness hitting our house. Well I have come to the conclusion that with a big family this is going to be our thing, passing germs to one another. If you noticed I completely forgot to post on Saturday our Week In Review, I was flat out with a fever and spend the entire day in bed watching The OC while slipping in and out of sleep. Also missing vlogs and any other kind of creative outlets. We are sick, we are down for the count.

Friday was a snow day for the girls. Joel took them both to school with the cupcakes we made for Annaliese’s class. Since both Valentine’s parties were cancelled due to the Snow Day call, Joel left the container of cupcakes in the office for the staff to enjoy. When Joel went back later to pick the girls up poor Violet had been sick in the library, her teachers kindly changed her, cleaned her up, and cuddled until Joel arrived to get her. The poor girl spent the rest of the evening curled up on the sofa feeling quite ill. Annaliese went to Musical Theater class on her own, and enjoyed some one on one time with Miss Lynn. 

Saturday was a surprise to us that there were no scheduled dance classes. Joel had taken Annaliese, but no one was in the parking lot and the sign up reminding him they do not schedule classes for Family Day weekend. We really need to pay attention to our life! Thankfully we live close, and actually it worked out to be a good time for him to run to the grocery store. Violet was still feeling pretty rough and stayed tucked in – trying to recover. We gave the kids the new Minion movie as an early Valentine’s gift, I realized I hated it, but hey they love it!

I had a huge surprise planned for Joel on Sunday, I had been so excited about this for the past month. Joel was on sound duty at church in the morning, but with a sick girl and napping babies I stayed home with everyone while he went alone. It was also a freezing cold day, like so so cold -40. When Joel came home he gifted me a few gifts from himself and the kids. Later in the afternoon my gift arrived – a singing Valentine put on by the Muskoka Music Men. They sang Joel two love songs, gave him a card, rose, soap, and a few chocolates. Annaliese, Hannah, and both babies loved it, Vi and Josh missed it but thankfully we have video. Joel really enjoyed the thought behind the gift, and the men did a great job on the performance.

Monday was Family Day, which was a fun day to spend at home together since Joel had the day off to spend with us. Poor Violet still wasn’t feeling great, and if I remember correctly by this time Joshua was not feeling well either. They all started to go down one by one, and it seems a bit like a blur. Joel spent a few hours that day taking out the chimney in the boys room, opening up a bit of space to move some furniture around. By Monday night Hannah was saying she felt ill and with one incident at dinner we knew she was down for the count with Sam under the weather as well.

We spent the rest of the week caring for sick kids. Violet wasn’t feeling herself until Wednesday, and did not go back to school until Thursday. On Wednesday evening I thought, we have been stuck inside for days, the kids are starting to feel better let’s try and go out. So we packed everyone up and we went to the Family Movie Night at the girl’s school. The grade 7&8 classes set up a showing of the new Disney movie The Good Dinosaur, we took a blanket, some snacks and stayed to watch the show. It was a eventful as Sam threw up down Joel’s shirt, and then after trying some popcorn poor Hanny’s tummy felt off as well. We made it home but later thought it may have been a bit too early to attempt a night out.

I put the link to our Sunday Vlog at the bottom of this post, it has some clips of the singing Valentine, and some fun cold science experiments Joel and I tried. We hope you have a much healthier week than we had. I would love to hear if you have any tips for keeping illness to the minimum with your family, or ways you boost your immunity as a mom – I definitely hate being down for the count after a long week like that!

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