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We Are Getting Chickens | Family Adventure | Summer 2016

April 13, 2016

Chickens are something I have wanted for a really long time, my dream since I was little wanting animals and raising them on a farm. Not quite realistic in all my choice animals, but my heart has definitely been leaning towards urban homesteading as an adult.

Five years ago Joel and I ordered four laying hens, after we started to convert the shed into a coop, our neighbour threw a fit and called a town council member. He was very sure he would not be living next door to chickens, being new neighbours and ‘chickens’ ourselves, we cancelled our order and gave into his demands. Since that time our town has passed a by law stating that home owners in-town, with 1 acre of land may have up to 10 laying hens. It has been valid for a few years now, so we thought let’s try again and see how it goes.

Last weekend Joel ordered four laying hens which we will pick up on June 22nd! I am so excited, and pinning up a storm of ‘dream’ coops and info on chickens. I mean our shed will not be as fancy as some of the glamorous chicken coops pinned on there, but it doesn’t hurt to dream!

I thought I would give you a glance at some of the pins I have found and let you see the fun I am having in my Pinterest dream world! Have you ever had chickens? Lived next door to a family that has? I really don’t know much but I am very excited to start this new adventure… shh don’t tell our neighbour though! Ha.

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  1. We had chickens when we lived out in Newholme. The kids loved them…..especially gathering the eggs. They are easily spooked and don’t like quick movement around them. They like it kind of quiet. They have small hearts and if they are chased around a lot they can have a heart attack. We lived on a farm for 29 years down in the Niagara area and raised broiler chickens(50,000) at a time and also had dairy cattle and shipped the milk to a dairy. Great place to raise our family.

    1. That sounds like such a great farm to grow up on Dianne! Thanks for sharing.
      We will have to build them a run, and plan on just letting the kids see them in there/help feed them and gather the eggs.
      I am trying to convince Joel to be able to keep them through the winter. He is a little unsure of the cold Temps. but I think people used to keep chickens all the time?!

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