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Mother’s Day Gift | Daily Encouragement Cards

May 1, 2016

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Okay to be 100% honest I somehow forgot about that fact and booked Annaliese’s Birthday Party for the same day – maybe that is the reason no one has responded to the invitation. That said, I did factor into account Joel’s mom being away for most of May this year, and planned her gift in advance. I thought I would share that gift with you and document the family craft we made this year.

As I mentioned Ellen (Joel’s mom) is away most of this month on a trip to Australia for work. They planned a quick visit prior to her departure, so we had an opportunity to give her a Mother’s Day gift before she left. I usually try to send her photos and/or text messages updates throughout the week – maybe what we are up to, or just a cute picture of the kids. I am assuming she will pay a pretty penny for every text message when she is half way around the world though, which is what sparked this idea.

While I was on hospital bed rest pregnant with Josh and Hanny, my Bible study friends sent me a large care package of cards – this helped pass the time and was fun to look forward to each morning. I thought we could put together something special for Ellen along the same idea to open each day from us, a reminder of our love and hopefully be a source of encouragement for her.

Joel printed 22 of our Instagram pictures at Walmart, we cut each one into a size that nicely fit inside the pretty note cards I found at the Dollarstore. The kids each drew pictures and numerous “I love you” messages on the pieces of paper we had cut to size as well. I then wrote encouraging Bible verses with bright coloured pens inside each card, and labelled the envelopes with the date (adding an extra because I am convinced she looses a day in flight somehow).

I decorated the front card and tied the whole package up with ribbon and lace. We really enjoyed putting this together for her, and hope she feels the love inside each card!

Do you have special Mother’s Day plans this year, traditions, or various other activities you look forward to? I would love to hear about them. I would also love to know if you make a card set like this for a friend or family member, and how you put your own personal touches in them.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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