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Happy 89th Birthday Poppa | Family Memory

June 6, 2016

Today is Poppa’s 89th birthday! The girls made a few cards for him this afternoon, so we decided to take a drive with an ice-cream cake, and helium balloons to wish him a happy birthday! It was a fun memory even though Uncle Jon let the surprise plan out of the bag early.

Uncle Jon was there to join in the fun and tell us about his new adventure joining the Canadian Armed Forces. We are pretty proud of him, and excited for this next chapter of his life! Way to go Uncle Jon.

And of course a few others around the table.

Or on the floor! Halle loves these two guys, I am guessing the ice-cream mess may account for a bit of that love. But who couldn’t love these two?!?!

Finally the birthday boy. We sure hope you have a very Happy Birthday Poppa and wish you a great year ahead. We love you!

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          1. Yes he actually has been trying for both. But this was his first choice as there are various opportunities and job options within the entire force!
            I am proud of him!

  1. Wonderful to see a family celebration , with lots of little ones to help make his day so special ! Wishing him many more Birthdays to celebrate .

  2. Great photos! Thanks for making Dads birthday so much FUN and I know he would love the ice cream cake, butt more than that would be all the precious people eating it with him. I am also so proud of and happy for Jon. Exciting times for him! 🙂

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