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Preparation and Foundation Stage | Addition Update

June 7, 2016

I have not shared an update in awhile about the progress on Grandma and Poppa’s new home (addition to ours). I brought them up to town tonight to show them how far it has come, they were excited to see walls and windows. These pictures are from the beginning – to the floor stage which was Monday this week. They now have walls and a roof started tonight (Thursday), I will share that more as time goes on, but for now here is the progress!

Old shed, and our fence. Side of property we barely used mostly all due to neighbour issues.

Day one when the first machine arrived. It was so exciting “hey we are really doing this!”

There has been lots of watching (from all of us) out the windows as the days go by, we will miss all the action outside!

Within the first day we realized all the trees between our house and the neighbour’s house should come down. With the digging and drainage needed it would have killed them – so down they came!

Waiting for concrete to be poured.

Wood for the floor!

Joel had to go stand in the basement, survey all the work being done.

Floor started!

Wood for framing the walls has arrived.

This project has been super fun to watch, especially knowing who it is for and what the intention is. Sure it would be great to be building for us/our use – but knowing my grandparents really want to live here and having this ease their stress and worry, makes the project a mission.

Over the past few days I have been reflecting on how awesome God truly is, this project is a full circle moment for me. Not just because of what my grandparents have done in my life, but everything coming together – lining up perfectly, in His timing. A long-time family friend being available to build has been great. Someone I have known since I was eight years old, who has spent hours talking with my grandparents over the years. It is nice to have someone who loves them building their next home/taking us through the process of building. Then my brother after years of trying various things finally getting a job offer he is proud of, excited to commit the next bit of his life to – beginning August 1st of this year. My grandparents getting to a place in life where they feel this is the right decision for their health and safety, and now have come to a place of excitement about this move.

I am grateful that God does not go by our thoughts and ideas when He sets out the plans He has for us – how small and short sighted they would be. If you had told me ten years ago if this is where I would be, I would have been scared out of my mind to tackle all that was in store. I am so glad God chooses to work with us preparing us for the plans He has. WOW is all I have to say looking back over the way things have lined up and worked out. He is an Awesome God.

Can’t wait to share more as time goes on. Thanks for following along.

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  1. Yes, He is an AMAZING and Good God and His plans are so perfect. I am glad that He always prepares us and leads us at the appropriate time and all we have to do is listen and be obedient. I am so excited to see how Mom and Dads new home is progressing! 🙂

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