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Walls Are Up | Addition Update

June 21, 2016

Oh my goodness, long time no post. It seems the second things in my life start going well I take on more things, then suddenly everything that was going well it a mess. Circle, repeat, repeat again, circle. I have been tied up for the past week and a half helping at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house – downsizing and clearing out their stuff. They are moving into a much smaller space so we really need to go through what they want and don’t want – deal with the rest, and hope somehow we make it fit well without too much overwhelming them.

The addition for my grandparents is going along well though. The walls went up quickly, rooms, doorways, and window spots appeared, then the roof went on! So exciting – the windows especially made me happy. One thing I love about our little house are the large windows, so it is great that the addition will have lots of light as well.

Enough about my boring life though and onto the pictures! Hopefully I managed to capture it in enough stages you can get the full idea.

Front, looking down our driveway.

In the front door and looking down to the kitchen.

Patio doors, kitchen window where the sink will be and the windows above.

Front bedroom, a closet will hold a washer and dryer in here. We are thinking the TV as well.

Back “Master” bedroom, it has the ensuite.

This is looking down from the kitchen, into the living/dinning and from entrance. Lots going on in this space but the brightness and height I think will help with feeling too tight.

This will be a pocket door into a bathroom just off the bedroom.

Corner of the addition, looking off our back deck. Patio doors and window where the sink will be.

Back of our house. Quite the addition for the size of our home.

We have so enjoyed the process of watching this come together. From finding a rough plan of what I wanted to making the space work both now for my grandparents and later for us. It is funny to me how I can ask for a light here or there and it is just going to happen!

So many people drive by and ask us what is going on, or “do we think we need more space?”. Most people are surprised to hear that yes we do need more space, but for now we are welcoming two very important family members to stay with us here. I am happy Grandma and Grandpa are able to make this transition into a space they are excited about, that they have dreams and plans for the future here with us!



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