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Chickens Have Arrived | Family Adventure | Summer 2016

June 22, 2016

The chickens arrived last week, I took pictures and even wrote a post! But then somehow I did not save it, boo. So here is my second attempt.

Wednesday was the date set for the chickens’ arrival, we had previously planned and prepared for their coming. The night before Joel made a couple last minute protection additions to the coop – extra wire across the bottom, and thicker boards under the nesting box. The day of Joel was booked to be with Violet on a class trip, so that left me alone to bring home our chickens from the Agro Centre. Thankfully though, my Aunt Michelle stopped in on her way to get my cousin from school. She offered to drive over with us on the chicken getting adventure!

We packed up these nuts, and went for a quick drive across town.

We had ordered them through our local feed supply store. I wanted to start with ready to lay hens for our first year.

The back of my Aunt’s truck worked perfectly for transporting the ladies home. An added bonus was that my cousin joined in along the way, he ended up being a great help carrying them into our yard for us! Although he was a little scared they would peck at him, he braved the risk and carried them over. Not going to lie it is one of my fears as well!

Sam and Ben settled in with a snack to watch the whole procedure of chickens from the crate to the coop! It wasn’t too crazy, but four would be my first time max!

Everyone had to check these ladies out! It was much fun introducing ourselves to the new members of the family!

Definitely a fun day, and a great moment for our family. I have been dreaming about chickens for a long time. Thankful the planning act in our town allows up to ten backyard hens, and our property fits within the specifications. I am still a wee bit nervous as I know our one neighbour particularly does not want to “live next door to chickens”. I am working up to that conversation and hoping he sees how non disruptive it has been to him! That or he is getting a petition together.

Thank you for taking the time to spend that day with us. We have had an awesome week caring for and learning about these hens. We named them; Millie, Daisy, June, and Mabel – although I cannot always tell them apart! They have been laying one egg a day, total. That seems funny, but I am hoping they are still settling in and getting used to the new environment. Two to three eggs would not go a stray here, Annaliese declared them the best eggs she has ever eaten!

Do you have backyard hens? Plan on getting some in the near future? Helpful hints, tips or advice would be awesome! I am pretty new to this whole thing. We added some electric fence for night time protection, and I also picked up a bit of “hen grit” from the hardware store while we were there. But I would love to hear about your experiences.

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    1. They are doing pretty great! I think putting up the electric fence and turning that on every night has let them get some proper rest. The egg production has gone up to two a day average – some days we get three… but more often two!
      They are fun to have around and Joel has really taken a liking to caring for and being an active part of having chickens! Super fun.
      Thanks for asking!!!

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