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Happy Birthday Grandma | Family Celebration

July 6, 2016

Yesterday was Grandma’s 83rd birthday! We made a plan to go down to wish her a happy birthday after we had a quick dinner.

In the afternoon the girls and I decided to make cupcakes as a simple happy birthday dessert. We found a great looking recipe for Coconut Lime Cupcakes on Pinterest since Grandma loves key lime pie. We definitely could have bought a pie, but the girls enjoy baking, and the cupcakes served as a great we love you gift. My swirls are not quite as professional as the original post, but the flavour was delicious and well worth the extra heat using the oven on a hot day creates!

We showed up at the same time Uncle Jon was getting home from work.

We sang Happy Birthday of course, and used a left over “8” candle from Poppa’s celebration.

The cupcakes were a success and this little nut loved the lime on top!

We left late, and by the time we arrived home we had quite a few tired teddies. Sam looked so cute passed out in his seat I had to snap a pic before taking him the whole way out. What a sweet boy.

We hope you had a happy birthday Grandma, we love you! We can’t wait for you to move in beside us and create everyday memories!

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  1. Those cupcakes look amazing. And nothing is cuter than babies in their grandparent’s laps… well, maybe sleeping babies in carseats! Hmmm… actually, babies wearing sunglasses are pretty cute too. Now I’m just thinking out loud… haha

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