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Windows Are In | Addition Update

July 10, 2016

There were a few quiet weeks on the addition, things were definitely happening just nothing with much “wow” to watch. I thought it was due for an update all the same and as added excitement the windows and doors showed up on Friday, and that was definitely fun to watch! They have been working on the plumbing and running electrical wire throughout the space. This week begins the inside walls and possibly painting!?!?!?

Here are a few pictures of the progress so far.

The inside is insulated and ready for the interior walls.

The roof edges finished off. 

Windows, Hannah and I sat and watched these go in after her nap. It was a big moment, we had to be there!

And of course everyone had to try out the new doors, and spend time hanging out in the new space!

Those pieces of wood Sam is sitting on will eventually be the ceiling and walls. Strip lap! I am so looking forward to seeing this effect in real life. It is coming together quickly again and will hopefully be completely over the next few weeks. Then we will work on moving Grandma and Grandpa in to their new space and making it theirs!

Hope you are having a great start to your week. It is so warm here we are laying low during the day and surviving the warmth. What do you think so far of the addition? Thanks for following along!

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