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Duffield Family Favourites | September 2016

October 3, 2016

My goal at the beginning of the year had been to post one “favourites” a month, but in reality my life got the better of me and I was not able to keep up. The beauty of running my own blog is I can restart my dream posts at any point in time – so here it goes our/my September favourites.

Children’s Place Lunch Bag

These are our favourite lunch bags hands down. The price point is great, if they get misplaced, stained, or whatever I am not at all worried. I bought the girls two each this year, it makes it easy to wash as needed or to have on hand for sending snacks to dance class. They wear well (for a cheap lunch bag), wash well, and have held up to our girls taking them daily. So they were definitely first pick when back to school shopping this fall.

Tupperware Lunch It Containers
These are the containers we pack for the girls every day. I like how the divided sections are laid out and they are a perfect fit inside their Children’s Place lunch bags. There are many lunch options that fit into each section, it also works well for the two nutritional breaks routine our school follows – the girls tend to snack rather than eat a full meal, so having many options in smaller portions works really well.

Pippi-Longstocking and Heidi Books

Classics I have been reading to the four older kids every night. I love this habit we are getting into. It is nice to spend time with the kids, and rediscover these classic books with them. I had originally picked up beautiful hardcover copies of these books, but the 7 dollars vs almost 20 dollar version won out. Still the same great story, only at a cost I can enjoy as well.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I bought my first salt lamp November of last year, it has been going all the time in our bedroom since. Joel gave me another recently as a birthday gift from my kids! I love these lamps, the soft glow and warmth the natural pink salt lamp brings to a room. They claim many health benefits from having one (or many) in your home; cleansing the air of dust and pollen, reducing allergy or asthma symptoms, and better sleep.

Pandora Bangle Bracelet

This charm bracelet was a gift from Joel and the kids on Mother’s Day this past spring. I had wanted one and it was a happy surprise to be gifted one. I believe the one I have was a special Mother’s Day set and came with a single charm. I have enjoyed wearing it this past month because I have gotten over the initial fear of scratching it, and now forcing myself to enjoy it vs keeping it perfect.

Busy Bee Candle Co

These candles would have to be on my “Ultimate All Time Favourite” list. I love these candles and especially enjoy lighting a candle in the quickly darkening evenings of fall. It is a little me time and a special indulgence to enjoy each evening with a cup of tea. They are soy wax in an antique mason jar, my favourite scents so far are Grandma’s Kitchen and Cranberry Spice (usually at Christmas). They throw scent well through-out our home and I love having them tucked here there and everywhere. They also make amazing gifts to give to any candle lover!

Tide Pods

This is a funny one as I am not usually sold on extra expense for a normal every day product. But I have a hard time with our front loading machine and clothes not coming out the freshest. I have tried lots of cleaning methods and I really like the ease of throwing a pod in and having clothes be clean and fresh. So far this month these have been working well and I am hopeful to have found a solution to this on-going problem. The Original scent is my personal favourite,  I am scent sensitive and can get a headache easily from over scented products, but the original scent is fresh and light (for me anyways). 

I hope you enjoyed a peak into our favourite products from our previous month. Thanks for reading and keeping up with me! Let me know if you use any of these products as well, or if you know of something we might like to use based on our favourites list. I already have some ideas for October – as few birthday gifts have become instant favourites I hope to continue to enjoy through-out this next month.

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