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7 Tips For Busy Moms | Get Out The Door and Stay Sane

October 11, 2016

It’s a beautiful October day – I love the feeling of crisp, fresh days. I am happy to be settling into a good school routine with the girls, it seemed we found the groove quickly this year which had been nice. I signed Josh and Hanny up for gymnastic classes this fall – in the summer I thought it would be a fun activity for them every Tuesday morning. Although, for a mom who prefers to keep everyone contained and at home this gymnastics routine has been a stretch to get up and out the door. I thought I would share quickly a couple of tips I have on how I prepare/leave the house with my youngest four.

1. Prayer

Some mornings when I run the track I pray as I go around, short instant prayers of praise and various requests. Between breaths I thank God for my family and ask that He empower me to be more like Him in my daily. Lately the runs haven’t been happening, but a quick prayer before I roll out of bed, or praying while I shower is how I fit it in first thing. Reminding myself that it is all about Him helps me focus. When I turn my days over to serving Him fully the day seems to run more smoothly.

2. No Phone Time (Or Perhaps Limited)

Nothing sucks time from my life like a phone, or screen time. It is too easy to flip here, there, and everywhere, quickly checking the latest news or spam emails. For me often catching up with friends’ text messages, double checking calendar dates and bank account balances, ends in zoning out onto the never ending FB scroll. The next thing I know it is 30 minutes later and my coffee is cold. Limit phone/screen time in the morning and enjoy the ease of extra time.

3. Set Up Help/Support

This is often a difficult on for me as an independent, do it all myself type. But having a fabulous friend or family member to watch some of my kids, or perhaps come along with us is a great source of help for me. Often knowing someone else is coming is motivation enough for me to keep going in the morning. Plus they usually bring a good refresh of energy and new perspective into the mix of early morning moods.

4. Being Prepared From The Beginning

This means everything from laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, and a full tank of gas. Nothing is more frustrating to me than digging through two piles of unfold laundry (or worse smelling dirty clothes for “wearability” factor) because I haven’t yet folded them, or realizing as I pull out of the driveway the gas light is on. Seemingly annoying chores can be instantly overwhelming when added into the rush of a busy morning. Staying on top of everything for me means a smoother run out the door.

5. Snacks

My kids love snacks. It really doesn’t 100% matter what it is, snacks can be a great motivator and perfect distraction. Cutting up extra fruit and veggies while making school lunches in the morning is usually how we roll. Snacks help my little people stay occupied and keep their blood sugar up while I am out and about. We will hit up the drive thru if we have forgotten to prep a snack… This momma gets moody when her blood sugar drops too. Yikes.

6. Watch The Time/Be Aware

Kids don’t know you are running late, and they hate to be rushed. I find mine get instantly slower when I tell them to hurry. Be mindful of their senses and extend grace to them, they do not have the same learned ticking clocks as we do. Reminding myself to slow down and taking the time to help with turning sleeves the right way, doing up zippers, and finding the shoe’s mate means a smoother exit from the house. Often this alone helps us leave happier and more together emotionally. Blaming kids for loosing this or that doesn’t help anyone, in this moment no one is learning a lesson, the end goal is to leave – stay on focus!

7. No Guilt

So your kids sat in front of the TV for thirty minutes while you showered, got dressed, and grabbed their clothes. It is not going to harm them. And maybe you yelled because they totally pulled every card out of your wallet and you cannot find your driver’s license. You can choose to start over, ask forgiveness, and teach your kids that it is okay to lose your cool and try again with a fresh start.

Hoping you found a helpful idea or two. I would love to hear how your family gets out the door, what you have found helps, where you fit in prayer time, and life habits you have learned along the way to keeping your sanity in a rush.

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