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Holiday Season Blog Goals

November 30, 2016

This holiday season I decided to jump back on board with sharing our life, adding in an effort to keep up with our family blog. I have some big ideas and content may come rushing out in every direction. It will definitely cool down a bit come January but in the spirit of the season let us share away and overload on everything!

First my plan was to share our family devotion with you. Last year I wrote a new devotion each day for the month of December. I would like to keep that new family tradition, but then also share the devotion with you. It went goes with “Jesse Tree” paper cut outs I purchased and printed about three years ago. We finally laminated the pieces last year so can reuse them this – which reminds me to go on the hunt and locate them.

My second idea was to share a few family holiday recipes with you as I bake over the next month. I am hoping as of right now to share at least one recipe a week. That said I am not a professional, so they may not look “great” but I guarantee they will be trusted family favourites, and always yummy.

I may also throw in a family favourites post, or perhaps a gift guide. I am not sure about if a product post will become priority but possibly sharing the kids gift as ideas? (Thinking out loud here).

Okay, so that is a quick last day of November update. I had hopes this year of keeping up well with the blog, vlog and instagram accounts we have. But really being a mom and moving my Grandparents has me stretched out in every which way… trying to grow on social media seems like a loosing battle. We feel like we captured and shared lots this year, we are thankful for your understanding and support. It has been totally fun!

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