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Jesse Tree Devotional | Decemeber Advent Day Two

December 2, 2016

Ben woke up with a fever today, boo. Poor little guy was not feeling well when he woke up from his nap yesterday afternoon. I sat with him on my lap for a good 30 minutes while he cried before I called Joel home to help. Dinner prep consisted of ordering pizzas and calling that chore done. Who am I kidding, take out night is my favourite way to survive motherhood! It was clear to me while eating pizza from boxes – what is served for dinner is not important during our family advent time. Instead coming together, shifting the focus back to God so we find true JOY should be our only goal.

I am as excited as I am nervous to continue sharing these simple devotions with you. This for me, is like standing vulnerable and exposed on a stage. My quiet time and my faith are precious and personal to me, so I fear judgement from others or the possibility of getting this “wrong.” Perhaps I interpreted the verse incorrectly, or left an important piece out, the self doubt in me is strong! The more I talk myself out of sharing, the more I know I should.

I had a very hard time finding an online devotional that; number one we could do together as a family, number two would fit with a wider age range of kids, and number three fell in line with our core faith. I am hopeful that by sharing ours maybe another family could benefit from it. I would love this work to be a blessing to someone else looking for the same thing I was. Taking it a step further – I would be over the moon if another mom took the idea, and made it her own for her family!

Day Two Jesse Tree Advent (World Symbol)

Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

I know that 23 days seems like forever until Christmas, the anticipation of what might be in our stockings or wrapped up under the tree is almost too much to bear. A long time ago God prepared a gift so awesome that the entire world had to wait hundreds of years before it was given. Over the next 23 days we will continue to go through the Old Testament on a journey towards the coming of baby Jesus and highlight moments God showed us His perfect plan.

Today’s symbol is the world, which for us will represent the first story told in the Bible – The Creation Story. God created the entire world and everything in it from absolutely nothing. He simply spoke the words and BAM there it all was. God created the heavens and the earth. He commanded light to be separate from the darkness. He created the sky above and the sea below. He told dry land to appear and separate the seas. He commanded the land to grow plants and the trees to bear fruit. He spoke the Sun and Moon into being, and He chose which would light the day, and which would light the night with the stars. He filled the seas with fish and the sky with birds. He created each and every animal who walks or crawls on the earth. God created all of creation with the words He spoke over those five days.  

On the sixth day God created a man in His own image. He named that man Adam. He gave the earth and all that was in it to the man to care for, and rule over. When God was finished, He decided that His creation was “very good.” God took the seventh day to rest.

God created the entire world in just seven days. What is a group of seven days called?

What do we call each of the seven days, what are names?

How do we remember and set aside the day God rested?

What is your favourite part of God’s creation?

Let’s thank God together in prayer for everything He has created. Since God planned for our family to be apart of His story here on earth, we should praise Him for the gift of life and for one another.

Thank You for following along and joining in our daily dinner devotional time. I so appreciate you taking the time to read it and follow our journey through life. Happy Holidays.

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