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Jesee Tree Devotional | December Advent Day Eighteen

December 19, 2016

So, I think every post could start out with “it has been crazy busy here,” as it seems it is always crazy busy around here. The four oldest kids had a Christmas dance show this past weekend, which is wild under normal circumstances, but add in that Annaliese and Violet are in company (did I mention gluing false eye lashes) this year, my head is spinning. I was last minute shopping for costume bits and pieces on Saturday, plus dress rehearsals. Then there were two shows on Sunday.

The week or so before Christmas break always feels like I am on a roller coaster. One going way too fast, we are about to fly off the next turn. I don’t know why at the beginning of December I feel like I can take on the world and smash life right out of the park. I set super high goals that never work, no matter how hard I try. Next year I will fill in the pieces and hopefully have a completed piece of work with links to every day in my 24 Devotional Advent Series before December even starts! But for now you get my new thing of jumping back in wherever I am at in life. That is a huge step of growth, normally I would have walked away and counted this as failed – God is definitely not done with me yet! Happy Holidays everyone.

Jesse Tree Devotional Day Eighteen (Lion Symbol)

Daniel 6:26-27 I issue a decree that in all my royal dominion, people must tremble in fear before the God of Daniel: For He is the living God, and He endures forever; His kingdom will never be destroyed, and His dominion has no end. He rescues and delivers; He preforms signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth, for He has rescued Daniel from the powers of the lions.”

There was a man named Daniel who loved the Lord, he prayed to God three times a day in the upper room of his home beside an open window. The king placed Daniel in a team of administrators to watch over the kingdom so that the king would not be defrauded. Because Daniel was wise he stood out to the king, the king planned on making Daniel higher than the other servants.

The other servants were jealous of how much the king favoured Daniel. They wanted to find something to use against Daniel. They watched him closely but the only thing they could find was his prayer ritual. The servants went before the king and asked that a new rule be made. The rule stated no one was to petition to any god for anything, but instead petition only to the king. The king agreed to this and made a new law – if anyone made a petition to another god, they were to be thrown into the lions’ den. 

The servants waited and watched Daniel, and of course Daniel continued each day praying to God. They rushed to the king and told him what they witnessed. Because the king had passed the law he was obligated to throw Daniel into the lion’ den. The king said to Daniel “May your God, whom you serve continually, rescue you!” Then a large stone was rolled in front of the entrance, Daniel was left in the den with the lions.

The king tossed and turned all night, he refused to eat, he was so worried about Daniel. The next morning he went running to the den and called for Daniel. Daniel called back to tell him that an angel of God had shut the mouths of the lions and he had indeed made it through the night safely. The king was overjoyed that Daniel had been rescued by his God.

Have you continued on to do the right thing in God’s eyes, even if it wasn’t the “cool” thing to do?
What is one way we can show God everyday that He has priority over our life?

Let’s pray and thank God for shutting the mouths of the lions. Whether in big or small situations, God can protect us from anything that tries to take over our life.

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