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Jesse Tree Devotional | December Advent Day Four

December 4, 2016

I am eating dinner while also trying get this done in case anyone is actually following along! But I guess if you are you know by now that I am pretty much a flake! I should really post two and get a day ahead. I was helping my grandma decorate her house for Christmas this afternoon. She wasn’t sure before her move exactly what would work or not in their new space, so lots of decorations to go through. After a long afternoon we have made progress! Her decorations are up and the gifts are within her reach (she stock piles gifts throughout the year, but at the moment doesn’t remember all she has).

So onto devotion day four. I have a cool concept candle wreath Joel’s dad originally made for me (based off of a picture I found on Pinterest). Joel took sometime this afternoon to cut it out of a thicker piece of wood. Anyways, I will share it once we get it sanded, and stained! I love it. It has spots for 25 tealights so you can light one a night until Christmas day! Our kids love lighting (well blowing out) candles, and every night seems way more fun that the four we did last year. I will take some pictures and possibly be able to share the wood pattern in a future post if you are interested. A little something to add along with the daily devotional.

Jesse Tree Advent Day Four (Ark and Rainbow Symbol)

(Genesis 15-17) “I will remember My covenant between Me and you and all the living creatures: water will never again become a flood to destroy every creature. The bow will be in the clouds, and I will look at it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all the living creatures on earth”. God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant that I have confirmed between you and Me and every creature on earth.”

The next story on the Jesse Tree journey is the story of Noah and the big flood. Adam and Eve had many children, their children went on to have many children, this continued until the earth had many, many people living on it. Those people who were on the earth however had very mean hearts, their minds were filled with evil thoughts and they were bad. This made God very sad, He was filled with regret for creating people in the first place.

Only one man on earth made the Lord happy, that man’s name was Noah. God decided to let Noah be apart of His plan to give Creation a fresh start. God commanded Noah to build a huge boat called an ark. He gave detailed instructions on how big the ark was to be, the correct shape, and even how to protect it from the waters that were to come. God also gave Noah very specific instructions on how many animals and birds Noah was to gather to take with them onto the boat. God told Noah to make sure there was enough food for all the animals and for his family. Can you imagine how much work Noah and his family had ahead of them?

It started to rain and the flood waters started to rise up all over the earth. God told Noah to get his family into the boat, then He closed the door behind them. The huge ark floated on the waves as the rain came down for 40 days and 40 nights. Everyone and all the animals who were not safely in the ark died that day. God’s plan to start the world over again had begun, but He remembered Noah and his family keeping them safe with all the animals on that big boat.

Can you imagine how loud it was, or how stinky it was. How do you think Noah fed all those animals?

When the time of the flood was done and the ark found rest, God called Noah and his family out from the boat. Eventually all the animals followed and started to fill the earth again. God made a very special promise to Noah, God promised that never again would every living creature be wiped from the earth by a flood. Never again would there be a flood so big that it would destroy the whole earth again.

Do you remember the sign God used to remember this covenant He made with Noah?

A rainbow is God’s sign to every person and creature on earth that He will never again destroy the earth with water. God always keeps His promises and we can remember that whenever we see a rainbow. That our God is faithful and true, He will always remember us.

Let’s thank God for keeping His promises, and for giving us a second chances. Let’s praise God for His wisdom, His grace, His love, and for the plan He has for us like the one He had for Noah.

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