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Jesse Tree Devotional | December Advent Day Nine

December 9, 2016

I am able to grab a few guilt free moments this afternoon thanks to a sweet friend popping in and helping this momma out! Seriously, it was so helpful to get a handle on this out of control crazy house. This week has been a wreck – emotionally, time wise, and the house was definitely showing signs of neglect. Yikes.

Tonight’s advent includes us sitting down to watch the movie “The Prince of Egypt.” Since there is a large amount of information in the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, I found the movie to be a “family night” with a purpose. I can’t believe how quickly each day is flying by now, we are getting closer on our journey to Christmas through the Jesse Tree Advent.

Jesse Tree Advent Day Nine (Moses in the Basket Symbol)

Genesis 1

The Israelite nation lived in Egypt for many years, and they had many children just as God had promised Abraham and Jacob they would. The Egyptians grew scared of the Israelites strength and large numbers. They started to use the Israelites as slaves, forcing them into hard work, the harder they worked the Israelites the more the people grew in numbers. The great king of Egypt grew scared of the Israelites and commanded that each baby boy be thrown into the Nile river and killed. It was a very sad time, and many baby boys died because of that law.

One mother gave birth to a baby boy, she worked hard to keep him hidden. Eventually the baby grew too big to hide, and she needed a plan to keep him safe. She bought a basket and lined it with asphalt and pitch, then she place the baby in the basket and floated it on the river. She instructed the baby’s older sister to watch the basket and see what would happen.

That same day the pharaoh’s daughter was out walking along the river, she saw the basket and asked one of her servants to go get it for her. When she opened the basket she saw the sweet baby inside, and she felt sorry for him. The baby’s older sister asked the Princess if she would like her to run and fetch someone to nurse the baby. The princess agreed and the little girl went back to get her mother. The princess asked the boy’s mother to raise the baby for her. When the child grew the mother returned the boy to the pharaoh’s daughter and he became her son. She named him Moses saying “I drew him from the water”.

God had big plans for Moses, he was going to lead the whole nation of Israel to freedom in the land God had promised to Abraham. Tonight let’s watch the movie “The Prince of Egypt” together. So we can see the story of Moses unfold and enjoy time together as a family.

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