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Week In Review | January 7th – 14th 2017

January 15, 2017

It has been a long time since I have done a week in review. I am testing the water to see what works for me as far as our family blog goes. Many things have changed in our life over the past year, and somethings that were left behind I am missing. Since this is a mismatch of personal/journal style posts, family recipes, and various things we do – I think having a week in review is a good way to sum up what is going on in our family.

Saturday was Violet’s SIXTH birthday! Wow were does the time go? She had been so excited about her birthday – crossing the days off the calendar from boxing day on. She woke up to a new scooter and a few other little presents from us. In the afternoon we hosted a small party for her and a few school friends. They did a super cute “take-home” craft where we made small aquariums out of mason jars and sent each girl home with a Betta fish. I was a little worried on how it would be received by the moms, but for the most part they all seemed as happy as the kids did. Whew, sigh of relief!  

The girls started back to school post the Christmas holiday this week. It was Annaliese’s first day in grade three, and Violet returned to her much loved SK class. It was funny for the huge build up of going back to school – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday ended up being snow days – thankfully our girls still enjoy being at school on those days though. Since classes are not the same, by Thursday Annaliese wanted to stay home with me and only Violet went to school.

I was grateful for the extra quiet time in the afternoons this week and was able to set aside time for prayer and personal study. I wanted to regroup in the New Year and create a few priorities for myself personally – for growth and dedication to living with intention and purpose. I wrote out a few Vision Goals, and a Personal Prayer to go along with the verses I found stood out to me in the gospel of Mark this week. I am hopeful this year will be a journey towards finding God’s purpose for my life vs trying to give myself purpose. Last year I was such a mess, uncertain in who I was and what I was supposed to be. This year I feel sure of who I am in Him, which is freeing. 

Joel was back to work this week after taking two weeks off over the Christmas holidays. That was such a refreshing treat for all of us to be together and relax. Actually, really only the second week was refreshing and relaxing as the first week of holidays was filled with each of us getting the 12 hr flu bug, yuck! He enjoyed getting back into routine and finding his place at work again. Thankful he loves his job as much as he does, and excels in that environment.

For Josh, Hannah, Sam, and Ben the past week has been getting back into a solid routine of morning fun, and afternoon naps. I would love to do more with them over the coming weeks – possibly planning crafts or preschool activities. I do find it hard with their ages and activity level of each set, to focus though. Twins boys seem to be stretching my Momma capabilities to the max.

Now that I have taken the plunge with a blog post, I will work on capturing more pictures throughout the week to share! Thanks for following along, I appreciate the encouragement. I would love to hear about your week and how getting back into routine after the holidays was for your family.

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