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Duffield Week In Review | January 22th – January 28th 2017

February 2, 2017

It is starting to seem likely that Thursday may become my Week In Review post day. I was hoping for Sunday so it could be fresh in my mind, but my week has gotten the better of me. Scheduling is what I am missing – a proper life schedule, it would go a long way with my goals being met.

Last Sunday we let the girls slept in after their late night out at the Dance-A-Thon, we skipped the morning service at church to allow their bodies rest. Once they got up we decided to take a family trip over to Walmart (I know, I know … so exciting, but hey it is what it is) and let the three January birthday kids pick out a toy with the cash they had been gifted. It was really a great morning to get out of the house and do something together. Later that afternoon Joel’s parents came for dinner to celebrate Sam and Ben’s birthday with them.

Monday night I went to a new dance/work out class offered at the girl’s studio. It’s called “Barre” and basically a work out based around ballet moves/positions. It was so hard, totally worked me out and I was in (good) pain for quite a few days after. I loved it though, fun, fast, and a great work out. I have been working on my push ups ever since, I am almost up to four!!!

Tuesday I picked up my new glasses, and it was also the last day of gymnastics (in this winter session) for Josh and Hannah. They were so excited to go and get their certificates. They love this class, and I love the trip down to Bracebridge with everyone. Auntie Michelle often comes along with us, and hitting the grocery store after has become a new weekly habit we all love! Later in the evening I went out (what twice in one week) and watched the show – The Bachelor – with a few dance mom friends. I have never actually watched the show, but it was good for a laugh and the company was sweet.

Wednesday was a quiet day at home. The school prayer meeting was cancelled, so I stayed home with the kids, cleaned up, and did some laundry. Boring, but necessary housework. After Josh and Hannah came home from Cubbies, Joel and I spent the evening scanning in photos of my Uncle Joe (who passed away late last year). We needed them imported into the computer so that I could make a slide show for his memorial. The job quickly became fun as I shared stories and laughs with Joel over what a great guy my Uncle had been.

On Thursdays I have switched from attending TLC (Bible study) in the mornings to going in the evening. This is like 100% better for me stress wise, not having to get four kids ready in the morning, and taking my grandma with us. I love getting together with a group of women to study and pray, but it was wearing me down rather than filling me up. I have loved the switch so far! Annaliese was home for the morning with a tummy ache, but by lunch was feeling better and was super excited to get to school and attend her first day of winter electives at school. She chose “Winter Fun” which is activities outside at school, anything from snowshoeing, skiing, building igloos, then they finish it off with a campfire and hot chocolate!

Friday we were home again preparing for the weekend. The girls had dance in the evening and we settled in – preparing for my Uncle’s memorial/life celebration the next day.

On Saturday we had dance again in the morning, and while the kids were in class I ran around town trying to find a salt lamp for the boys room – who knew they would be that hard to find? Apparently there has been a huge recall, I wonder if that is what is going on with the one in the girls’ room – it burns through light bulbs like nothing else, hm. In the afternoon we attended a beautiful service for my Uncle Joe, it was so nice to be together celebrating his love and fun spirit. He was truly a great guy, and will be deeply missed by his family and friends.

I want to share the slide show with you in this post. I am so grateful for Joel’s help in making it with me. My Uncle Joe was a big part of my early childhood, I lived with him at my grandparents home for quite a few years and he showed my love in so many ways. From teaching me to tie my shoes, building forts and sled hills, funny nicknames and practical jokes. Love you Uncle Joe.

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