Spring Is Coming!

February 7, 2017

The sun has been a sweet gift these past two days, I was sinking into the winter blahs a few days ago – ready to roll over in defeat, why bother trying to find happiness? The gloomy, never ending days with winter storms were getting me down. I couldn’t seem to shake the feeling I was over whelmed and out of my element with six kids at home for another snow day.

With sun streaming into all the windows today, I am reminded that change is on the way. I enjoy each of the four seasons, as one comes to an end I start to anticipate the next one – a change. The winter to spring change however is my least favourite. As the snow melts away forgotten chores start to pop up from under the white blanket – no longer out of sight out of mind, suddenly in my face here and now. The roads and snow banks are covered in all the dirt that was spread down, water starts running into our basement. I know most people love spring, but muddy boots and clean up is just not my cup of tea.

I do however love the fresh scent of spring in the air, the chance to get my hands into the soil and the first sign of sprouts in my garden. Watching the leaves fill in, and welcoming the sound of birds coming home again. As annoyed as I am, there is always something about the season change I find to love and can’t wait to experience again. I think that is probably what I love so much about having four seasons, the old habits and comforts feel new again after a year’s break.

Sometimes my faith walk seems much like the switch from winter to spring. I long for routine and comfort of consistent quiet study, but once there I easily wander away from it. I fill time with my own wants and the needs of my family – never feeling satisfied and fueled to carry on long term. I fall into the comfort of knowing God will always be there, so I stop actively seeking Him. I get stuck in the routine of my day and fail to prioritize quiet time with His word. Under the blanket of everyday life, I stop growing.

As a mom I need to be filled and refreshed in order to pour out in service to my family. Proper preparation and good habit forming is what will carry me through times when I am not feeling the groove. Prolonged illness, frustrations with the same life situation, bills, hectic schedules, stressful family relationships, worry, grief – all seem to be magnified in the gloomy grey of winter blahs. God’s word is like the bright winter sun of February flooding in through windows, shining light into the corners and calling me back to Him.

There will be work I left behind, the stuff I don’t want to do. But as I allow God to start turning the soil again spring starts to smell sweet, the birds start to sing, and the planted seed start to sprout. Time with my family becomes meaningful, and fulfilling. The words coming from my mouth are wholesome and helpful. My service is as rewarding to the one I am serving as it is to myself. God’s love grows the sprout into a plant, the work and mess of spring starts to become worth it.

Open the word, curl up with a study, set time aside and draw closer. Do not let the bad habits of a cooler season set in and become normal, embrace the change of the seasons with me!

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    1. We really need to. This year has gotten away from us, I miss connecting and talking life out with you sweet friend. Love you!

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