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Duffield Week In Review | February 3rd – 11th 2017

February 13, 2017

Hey Guys I think I missed a week or possibly two. Oh well, just know they were full days! I think I will simply jump into last week and then do my best going forward!

Last weekend Annaliese had her very first sleepover birthday party, at her friend Ava’s house. She was so sure of herself and overly excited to go. I was a little worried, but received a few texts throughout the evening assuring me Annaliese was having a blast. I was so glad she had a great time and it is comforting to know that she feels secure in herself to spend time away from us. Way to go Annaliese!

Saturday we had a crazy busy morning, juggling dance classes/pick up times for Joshua, Hannah, and Violet. Then Annaliese had to get picked up post sleepover and immediately taken to a second birthday party for her friend Bentley. While picking out the gift for the party I also bought myself Sea Monkeys, a life long dream I finally lived!

Sunday we woke up tired and worn out, sometimes I wonder how we make it through a week. We skipped church, which isn’t something we love to do. Sometimes the fight to drag everyone out the door is too much for us, or me. Annaliese had another birthday party that afternoon, it was the weekend of birthday parties! Crazy schedule.

Monday was a typical day for the kids, although after the girls went to school I decided to take the trip to Bracebridge a day early due to Tuesday’s weather forecast. So we managed to stock up on food prior to what was supposed to be a large winter storm. The girls had their scheduled dance time, and I also went out to he new work out class “Barre” later in the evening.

Tuesday was a snow day, which in the end was silly because the weather did not turn nasty until later at night. The girls stayed home, which Violet was not too happy about but I just didn’t have the get up and go first thing in the morning. We purchases the new Troll movie for the kids and had a popcorn movie night as a family. I went out later to watch The Bachelor with a few dance mom friends.

Wednesday we stayed home and cleaned up a bit, caught up on a few chores and generally took a day off from outside life. The girls had their first eye appointment after school. We hadn’t noticed anything with either of them, but thought we should get them checked out to be safe. They both checked out fine – much to their disappointment, as they both wanted glasses. Josh and Hannah had Cubbies at church later in the evening.

Thursday was another day at home, with lots of pick up and laundry to catch up on. Having eight people in a small house, so much of my time is spent picking up and doing the next chore. It is why we stay home so much of the time, simply so I can stay on top of things! Our friend Laura Lynn came to help keep the kids occupied and entertained. It was national Pizza Day? Who knew, so for dinner I made a couple of pizzas. Usually we order, but lately I have been thinking it is kind of a waste when I can make our own! After the kids went to bed, I joined the even TLC group for Bible Study at church.

Friday, finally sick and tired of picking up so much stuff off the floors I downsized toys and took a few things away. For a long time people would say “put half of it away and bring it out in six months.” But in our house by the time six months comes around we are ready to downsize again! It isn’t that we are huge in buying new things, but simply one new thing for each child is six new (whatever). Things add up quickly in this house, being on top of them helps dramatically.

The girls had dance classes in the evening. Joel and I look at one another every Friday and say “how is it Friday again? Where are these weeks going?” After we put the kids to bed, Joel and I spent the evening baking cookies for the dance team’s bake sale. I picked a recipe from my Martha Stewart Handbook, completely because it looked cute and Valentine’s like.

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