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Happy Valentine’s Day Hon!

February 14, 2017

Hey Joel,

It’s Valentine’s Day – Happy Love Day! I spent the morning taking four of our kids to gymnastic class and then to the grocery store. I switched some money around in our accounts before I went in because well its pay day on Thursday and things were looking a little sad in my account. I walked past the men coming in on their breaks to grab a bouquet of flowers, and instead reached for the grapes. I loaded up my cart with healthy food, paid for it, and then packed everything into the van.

Some years we exchange gifts, and we might even order dinner. But this year we stayed up late baking cookies for the classroom party you attended this afternoon to celebrate with one of our girls. While everyone naps here this afternoon I am laying across our bed finishing up homework for my Bible study, listening to the cat crying in the basement – she followed you down at lunch and refused to come back up when the door was open.

I just wanted to tell you that I don’t need flowers, or chocolate. I don’t need a meal out, or a new piece of jewelry. Those things would be lovely and sweet, but today was just perfect as it was. 

As nice as it is to have a day set aside celebrating “love,” I want you to know it is the ordinary everyday things that make our love so great. So, thanks for getting up with the kids in the morning, for the hot coffee you bring to me like a peace offering before words are spoken. Thank you for getting the girls into their snow suits and out the door to the bus, for coming back to load the van full of kids ready for gymnastics. Thanks for showering our second daughter with extra love today since we dropped the ball yesterday and forgot to show up for skiing. Thank you for being such a good sport, and for finding my quirky sense of humour slightly amusing.

Thank you for the normal, everyday “us” stuff it just wouldn’t be the same without every little piece that makes up our story. Happy Valentine’s Day Joel! (Come on, you totally missed the men singing love songs to you this year, right?!?!)


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