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March 6, 2017

Hi Guys! As you can probably tell my blog looks a little different YAY – totally exciting! I recently switched over to a new format and started using WordPress. It is slightly more budget friendly than what I was using previously, but more importantly it seems blog writer friendly. I have recently lost a couple of posts due to the fact that Square Space was not auto-saving my posts as I wrote.

I made the jump onto this completely new platform, and thanks to the “new” factor I am filled with excitement for sharing. I am asking for your patience as I learn the ropes, and understanding that quite a few of my older posts were formatted for my last site so they may not look as sleek and put together as posts going forward.

Over the past year I have also been tweaking what I post about on our blog, narrowing all the thoughts and ideas I share into something that works and is truly authentic. I still want this to be a family focused blog, but I also want to begin sharing more of my personal thoughts, growth, and devotional style posts for other moms/women to relate to and ultimately join in the journey. I have narrowed the categories down to five sections I feel a passionate about sharing with you. Journal, Family, Books, and Recipes – they are pretty broad areas I feel like I can fit everything I share into, but neatly organized to keep my inner-self happy!

Another thing I would like to do is start getting back to videos and sharing our life on our You Tube channel as well. This will probably not be daily vlogs, but getting some video posts to go along with the written posts on this blog – lifestyle favourites, my personal thoughts and family updates, vlog style weekend recap, and possibly a few kid focused fun videos; toys, crafts, question/answer.

When I originally started my blog eight years ago I had huge dreams, of course I wanted to make a go of creating a mass following. Ha – hilarious – I am not great at selling myself or my life, and I am completely ignorant to the networking involved in being social media successful. Joel says it is my high internet morals, but I think I lack the self confidence or something. So for now I will continue on and hope that I can encourage another mom, bring joy, and have fun along the way!

Thanks for following and encouraging me along the way. I hope you like the change and the new ideas I have. I am excited to keep on sharing with you. I also stepped out and did a little video update to go along with this post. I am so excited guys. Let me know what you think of the new digs in the comments, and if you want to make my day click the follow button in the right side bar.

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