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Duffield Family Favourites | February 2017

March 7, 2017


Hello March, well I guess since we are six days into March I should say so long gone February, I won’t however leave it completely behind before I share our “February Family Favourites.” There seems to always be a mismatch grouping of random things I have been enjoying through out the previous month. February is no exception with dim lighting, Netflix binge watching, childhood dreams, and a new found love for a Canadian artist. So without further chit chat let’s get onto this month’s favourites.



1. Maud Lewis 2017 Calendar

I picked up this calendar in early January to use as our family kitchen calendar. I was browsing Indigo looking for a (Pinterest worthy) calendar and fell upon this one in the process. I was instantly attracted to the fun whimsical artwork by the Canadian folk artist from Nova Scotia – Maud Lewis. Her life story and triumph over disability melted my heart. I have been enjoying the calendar since it arrived, and honestly refuse to write in it. I am not sure this is a “calendar love” find – more a new found artist love. Either way it is a happy addition to our home. Sam also loves the artwork and points to it every time he is carried by.

2. Patio Lights

I miss the warm dim lighting of December, it is one of my favourite parts about the Christmas season. When the kids and I were killing time at WalMart on Family Day weekend, I saw these patio light bulb strings. I debated at the time if they were too indulgent, but we have been using them each night since. I love the soft glow and warm cozy vibe they help create in the evening, perfect lighting for watching a movie or playing a board game together. We currently have them hanging in our living room and in our bedroom. I would love to hang up them outside in the summer as well, possibly around our fire pit area.

3. Soap Stones Whole Body Scrub

Soapstones is one of my top picks when it comes to local companies, you will find their products tucked in all around our home. I have been using the sugar scrub  (we won the first tub at the school math night draw) as an extra moisturizer in the shower, to help combat the itchy dry skin I have been annoyed with lately – thanks to our baseboard heat. I find the sugar prepares the surface to draw in the oils – I am left with soft, lightly scented skin.

4. The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys

Okay this was totally a fun, just for me purchase that has turned into fun for everyone. Annaliese had been invited to three birthday parties in one weekend last month. When picking out a gift for her friend Bentley, I pushed for this gift (as I do with any “boy” party) she rolled her eyes and told me to just buy myself some… so I did. I have wanted them for awhile and I have been quite impressed with the process post purchase. We set them up on the window ledge in the kitchen and these little buddies swim around while I wash the dishes. Living childhood dreams – right here and now!

5. Bee’s Wax Tea Lights

I was looking for a certain size of tea light candle to fit into my Himalayan salt candle holder which has proven a bit tricky. While in Sustain I picked up a package of Bee Glo tea lights to try. While they don’t quite fit (too big) for my holder, I have been using them through out the month various other places. I am enjoying the way the wax burns, and the sweet natural scent they throw as they warm.

6. G.U.M. Soft Picks

These were originally given to me as a trial from our dental hygienist. But to be honest, as an avid flosser (like we are talking multiple times a day) I am preferring these lately. They don’t snap on the gum or cut the way floss does, instead they seem to massage the gum gently while cleaning between teeth. Joel has started to use them as well, although he isn’t quite as fond of them.

7. Dreamworks Troll DVD

We love this movie! It was on repeat for a good two weeks and we still sit down to willingly watch this movie. Funny, sweet, and upbeat music – what’s not to love. We know it’s a good movie when movie lines become part of our every day conversation, “jelly fish – monkey in a zoo.” Worth the watch I say.

8. The Gospel Of Mark “The Jesus We’re Aching For” By Lisa Harper

Trolls to the Gospel of Mark… hm it seems I need to work on my product lay out. All joking aside this is the study I have been working through with the ladies bible study group at our church. Mark happens to be a book of the Bible I didn’t often turn to, but now thanks to Lisa I have spent quality time in it. I have come to love Mark’s fast, to the point style of retelling the Gospel. Truly enjoying quiet time spent in the Word over the past seven weeks thanks to Lisa Harper’s guided study of Mark.

9. Polaroid Zip Printer

This was a Christmas gift I have been having fun with. The Polaroid Zip printer makes quick sticker photos from my phone – I mean they are not super high quality, but they are great for what they are, perhaps a vintage true Polaroid vibe. I am not one to go to the store to have anything printed, so this is a great tool for me to be able to drop a few photos into a card or stick on the envelope on the way out the door. Perfect size for sharing with friends and family.

10. Snap Chat

Okay it is an app or something that has been around long enough to be old, but I am finally getting into it sharing and having fun. Not only do I get quick updates from friends who are on it, I can share whatever I want in an instant without having to think. The photo goes up and is gone, no storage issues and so many fun filters. It is a great way to stay connected and keep up with friends! We love playing with the funny filters, and I use them sometimes as a self confidence boost – eyeliner and smoothing filter – whoot I am good to go! You can find us (me) there under “dufffilled.”

11. Last Man Standing

The television show Joel and I have been watching for the past little bit on Netflix in the evenings. I love Tim Allen, the character he plays on Last Man Standing is much like his previous character “Tim Taylor” from the show Home Improvement. It brings me back to after school watching TV with my cousins. The constant nods to previous roles Tim Allen has played makes us laugh. I am feeling apart of the Baxter family lately – I will definitely miss this show once we get through the final season.


Well that’s a wrap on this month’s family favourites. I would love to know if you have used and/or also enjoying any of the things on my list, or perhaps you have been debating trying one of them out. Leave me a message and tell me about something you have been loving lately.

Okay now I am officially ready – Hello March!

*I had hoped to get a favourite video recorded to go along with this post but it seems that March is shaping up to be a busy one. I will aim to be well set up and camera ready for March Favourites in early April!*

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  1. About the salt rock. I want to get one but I heard there were a ton of recalls recently. Do you love it? I’m thinking that’s what I’ll ask for my birthday. Also, in going to follow you on snap chat! Yay!

    1. I have had one salt lamp for over two years in our bedroom with no trouble at all. The larger one the kids gave me for my birthday last fall I has had issues with the bulb burning out quickly – so perhaps the cord is the is causing a problem? I still use it though.

      The tealight holder is nice with no cord/recall. I like the natural warm glow they create!

      I love snap chat, a little window into someone else’s world! Thanks for the add.

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