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Duffield Week In Review | March 5th – 11th 2017

March 12, 2017

Hey Guys, it’s been a little while since I have done a week in review and thought it would be as good of time as any to jump in and do a little catch up. I am sitting in bed with the sun flooding through our window sipping coffee and enjoying my morning toast. This morning was time change – Joel and I went to bed last night fully expecting that we would hear kids waking up a little later than normal, but instead Sam surprised us with waking up even earlier than regular old time – Oh man. So a slow start for us with lots of coffee needed to start the engines.

Last Sunday Joel took the kids to church by himself, I needed a little time to regroup and figure out my head space. I shared some thoughts in this post I wrote that morning. The kids however had fun (as always) and we spent the rest of the day at home preparing for the week ahead. My brother had come home to visit the family for a short period before heading into his last stages of training in the Canadian Armed Forces. He will be heading to his platoon later this spring and we are happy to hear about 99% chance he will be stationed a little closer to home. Later in the evening we all went over to Grandma and Grandpa’s home to share doughnuts and a bit of time together as a family.

Monday the girls were back in school and I was home with the other four. We baked muffins in the morning but other than that we really did not do anything out of the ordinary – cleaned up, laundry, and daily life. The girls had their company dance classes after school and they were so excited to wear their new spirit wear from the studio – oh my goodness they look so cute completely decked out in MDA wear! I also went out later in the evening to a new work out class I attend, well I am not sure I can call it “new” when I have gone for over a month, but I am really enjoying it! I can totally do a few push ups (half but I am sure I can at least do one full) thanks to these weekly clasess, I have fun and get out of the house for a bit of me time.

Tuesday I woke up tired and overwhelmed, the kids normally have gymnastics class in the morning but I was just not feeling mentally up to going. We stayed home that morning and watched TV and basically took it slow. I think sometimes I forget with all my running around that when stretched too thin I burn out, so it is a good thing to step back, be flexible with the schedule, and okay with missing something on the scheduled now and then. I was actually thankful in the end we did as the evening was a bit of a cray cray night! Annaliese had piano lessons at 530 pm, and Violet had been invited to Sparks “bring a friend night” with her friend Hannah at 6 pm. So I was running around dropping kids here and there, but I had misread the text message and went to the wrong school gym. Long story short I was about 20 minutes late picking up Annaliese and 7 minutes late dropping Violet off. Ahh just remembering that night gets my heart pumping!

Wednesday Annaliese woke up not feeling the greatest (a touch of an end of season cough) so she stayed home from school with us. Since we had missed grocery shopping the day before (normally after gymnastics we shop) my aunt stopped in and came down with us, she big time helps me out with the kids at the grocery store. Annaliese was so excited to get home and start practicing on the “new” (borrowed) key board, she recently started piano lessons and she is having so much fun learning a new hobby.

Thursday the kids and I tried our best to clean up the house in preparation for the March Break holiday. In the end we actually managed to get a good handle on it and celebrated with a pizza party for dinner. We also set up to watch the new Disney movie Moana before bed. It was a great movie we all enjoyed, Ben turned the TV off a few times in crucial parts, but we have watched it a few times since and it is truly a great story. Hannah especially loves the music and has asked a few times for the “Moana song” and will stand in awe mouthing the words (a girl after my own heart).

Friday everyone was home for the first day of break, we survived the boring day together – Actually we even managed to jump back onto the vlogging routine and posted a video of our day on The Duffield Family You Tube channel – Check it out if you want to see the normal everyday us. The girls spent the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa, and then finished their day off with dance classes.

Saturday we spent the morning taking the kids to dance classes and picking up a few things we needed from various stores. Josh and Hannah love their morning “Intro To Dance” class with Miss Sam, and Violet takes four mini classes with Miss Sue – extra practice and time learning the proper techniques. Violet even finished getting all her stars on the Level One Acrobatic Arts Card, and was able to bring home her completed card – We are so proud of that hard working girl! We laid low in the afternoon and hoped the kids would get a good rest in preparation for the time change ahead.

It is such a beautiful day today, cold, but the sun is lovely. I hope you are able to get out and enjoy it – I am looking forward to planning out my garden seeds this week and hopefully getting dates of when I need to start my seedlings this year. I had so much fun last year with the preparation and growing of our garden. Wishing you all the best of luck with rescheduling kids this week, thanks time change! I would love to hear about what is going on in your life, and what kind of week this past one has been for your family. Let me know in the comments if you feel like sharing.

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