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Duffield Week In Review | January 15th – 21st 2017

January 24, 2017

Oh man I am quite a few days behind on our “Week in Review” post! But that is okay, the main thing is keep going, right? That’s the way to form habits – honestly I have no idea, I have not been overly successful in habit forming. This year will be different, new leaves are growing from these branches!  All in all, the Duffields had a great week filled with birthdays and fun activities.

Monday the girls were back at school. Joel and Ihoped for a normal routine week, but three days of snow days did not allow for such dreams. The repeat Tuesday-Thursday cancellations created a few long days at home or early pick up from school for our big girls. The weather wasn’t so much snow storms, instead it was yucky drizzling ice storms, very slippery to drive around town.

Wednesday was a productive day for me cleaning and preparing for the boys second birthday! I set some time aside to capture a few nice photos to celebrate their moment turning two. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by, like a flash. My babies aren’t babies anymore they are turning into little boys (probably happened awhile ago, but let me have my babies). 

We had a good Thursday celebrating with Sam and Ben, they were happy to have a day of us wishing them “Happy Birthday” over and over. I made them a cake in the afternoon, and the girls helped blow up balloons and hang streamers. It was special to create a well decorated space just for Sam and Ben, with help from their siblings. Both boys loved their gifts – post Christmas pros they knew the drill, ripping the paper quickly off to get the goods inside!

Friday we made up for missing our Tuesday trip (due to weather) to Bracebridge. We go each week for Gymnastics and groceries with Auntie Shell (my Aunt Michelle). Thankfully we managed to squeeze in a quick shop/stock up for the planned busy weekend ahead.

Saturday Josh and Hannah had dance in the morning, and then we took the older girls to a play date with some friends from school. They went riding behind an ATV in tubes and had much fun outside with friends. After that they rested with me in the afternoon in preparation for the Dance-a-thon at their dance studio. They were raising money to help cover the extra costs being a company dancer brings. Things like competition entry fees, costumes, etc. They work so hard at dance each week and love it. I had fun spending time with them while they enjoyed themselves dancing the night away with friends.

It was a good week for our family, filled with special moments and fun times celebrating together. I can’t believe we have two, two year olds. And I also cannot believe both Annaliese and Violet danced from four until midnight Saturday! 

I spent much of my quiet time during the week getting into, then power reading a new book. It touched my soul and clicked so well with everything I have been working through during the month of January – I love when a book does that! I think I may just add in a book review to share sometime over the next few days!

Hoping you had a great week as well – I would love to hear about it, if you would like to share.

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