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Duffield Week In Review | March 12th-18th 2017

March 19, 2017

Sundays are seeming to be a beautiful day trend here, the sun again is pouring through my bedroom window bringing with it the hope of longer spring days and warmth back to this frozen tundra. I woke up this morning with a swollen gland and a sore throat, along with a few of my kids who have fevers and coughs. Although Tylenol is helping everyone feel more like themselves we are staying home from church in hopes we don’t pass along germs to another family. I have seen quite the trend in Mommy Blogs with strong warnings “no one wants your illness, stay away from church.” So here I sit in bed with coffee and toast preparing to write our week in review! I love being able to share, and have these posts to look back on.

Last Sunday we ended up making it to church as a family, no sickness and surprisingly even with the time change we got ourselves together and made it. Once everyone was down for nap, Joel helped me set up for a vlog style make-up haul video, and he started work on a studio wall for me in our basement. I am excited about that ongoing project and what it will mean for my vlog style videos in the future.

Monday everyone was home for March Break and we had a fairly laid back day of relaxing and catching up on chores and attempting to create some sort of routine for the girls who would be home for the week. We ended up watching a ton of You Tube videos and Moana for the millionth time since getting it the Thursday before. 

Tuesday the girls and I were over that free/do nothing lifestyle, and wanted something more project like to do together. I packed everyone up and we headed over to the grocery store to pick up a few things – We had found a recipe for a spring themed treat and needed to purchase the ingredients along with food for dinner. (We actually made a little vlog style video about our afternoon of baking if you want to watch.) The treats turned out super cute and everyone enjoyed our “bird nests” for dessert. Later in the evening my friends picked me up on their way to watch The Bachelor finale, and I stayed out super late watching trash television!

By Wednesday we were in dire need of restocking our pantry shelves and getting food to last the week. Thankfully Aunt Michelle came to the rescue and helped get everyone to the grocery store for our weekly shopping trip. I was also able to get a couple larger glass jars from the Dollar Store for the next step in my Kombucha making (here’s the link I used to make my first scoby). I am so excited about that finishing project, it has been a few weeks/steps in the process, I am itching to start bottling and flavouring my brew.

Thursday energy was getting low, but we managed to get the house in order and cleaned up. After a week of having all the kids home it was looking a bit like a bomb went off.

Friday we started to prepare for up coming birthdays (Josh and Hannah), and we celebrated St Patrick’s Day – That said, we aren’t huge on the holiday but we had fun with themed Snap Chat filters and our Irish Grandma made a us golden cake for dessert!

Saturday we celebrated Joshua and Hannah’s FORTH birthday! (what?!?!?) I can’t believe that it has been four years since we welcomed those two nuts into our family. We had such a sweet day celebrating these two cuties. They were so excited to open their gifts and then we surprised them with taking the whole family to the Indoor Play Place in our town. They each had so much fun, and I was really glad we made the effort to take everyone and do something together as a family. We ordered pizza for dinner and sang Happy Birthday to each of our sweeties over cupcakes. I am so thankful we were able to celebrate together and enjoy a relaxing but fun family day – it wrapped up our March Break perfectly!


I have been enjoying watching so many families on vacation this spring, it is a trend here in Muskoka to escape the long cold Canadian winter and fly south for a warm break. We didn’t plan on going anywhere this spring, and so it has been nice to see the sun and sand! I can’t wait to see more of our driveway and yard in the coming weeks and getting back to life outside again. I hope this week has been a good one for you and your family. I would love to hear about it, where you went, and what you and your family have been up to this March Break! Wishing you a great week ahead, thanks for following along.

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