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Creating My “War Room” | Prayer and Meditation Space

January 17, 2017

Another snow day, I am sensing a Tuesday theme!?! Joel had to make a run over to the girl’s school and pick up Violet early, the weather is taking quite the turn – nasty freezing rain is hitting our town. Seems like it will be a good evening to settle in, stay warm, and be off the roads. I am excited to share this post with you, it has quickly become a big part of the change I wanted to see in myself for 2017. Living with intention and purpose in my day job, has to balance with quiet reflective time where I can study and grow. This space is specifically designed for that purpose!

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Forming A Personalized Prayer Using Scripture | 2017 Journal

January 12, 2017

It is the 3rd snow day this week, I did not have the heart this morning to force Annaliese to go to school with Violet (who was happy and giddy with excitement to go). So Annaliese is home bouncing around downstairs as I take a few to pray, read, and write in my gratitude journal. I wanted to sneak on here quickly and share thoughts I had during this time. Hoping to be an encouragement as you start your plan to break down walls and strengthen your relationship with God in 2017, following my vision post yesterday.

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