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No Laundry Pile Too High For God

March 3, 2017

Currently our bedroom looks like the dryer exploded. It started with one basket of clean clothes and has been added to with each load. I am going nuts each morning sifting through the pile to find everyone clothes, we need the clean clothes it is as simple as that. But now that the chore is out of hand I have zero desire to actually do it. I can see it, I am frustrated over it, and yet I keep choosing to ignore it.

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Book Review

The Best Yes | Book Review

February 24, 2017

I have to really enjoy a book to want to number one finish it and number two share it. So let me start by stating – I LOVED this book! Lysa’s words helped me (a self labelled “people pleaser”) learn why it is spiritually healthy to say NO, and why I should make instead take time to make a best YES. The Best Yes (in my opinion) should be required reading for all women! 

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